90 Day Fiancé’s Biniyam Shibre Drops Bomb — He Wants Green Card Even If He Splits From Ariela Weinberg!

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Biniyam Shibre dropped a bomb during his very first dinner with his fiancée, Ariela Weinberg’s family, during the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Biniyam revealed that he wanted Ari to help him secure a green card to stay in America even if their relationship ended, during the filmed family gathering.

Biniyam expressed concern over the upcoming dinner during a FaceTime chat with his sisters, Mimi and Wish, earlier in the episode. He felt that Ari’s family members might harshly judge him, due to the ongoing issues within the engaged couple’s relationship. The pair’s problems exploded while Ari was in the states for their son’s surgery, apart from Biniyam, who stayed behind in Ethiopia. Biniyam admitted to carousing with friends inside the family home, which raised suspicions with Ari.

Biniyam hinted in a personal interview spot that he was in the relationship more for his son, and less for his fiancée. 

“My family wish I stay in Ethiopia but they know I have to stay with Ari because of our son,” he told cameras. “Me and Ari are, our relationship, I hope we can fix it, but I don’t know. That’s why my sisters said, at least even if the relationship doesn’t work out, Ari, at least she can help you with the green card. I like that idea, to protect me, because I lost my first son, I don’t want to lose this family.”

Biniyam Shibre

Ari’s family questioned him about the blowout fights he had with Ari while she was in New Jersey, caring for their son. Biniyam emotionally apologized for not prioritizing his family. 

The couple then admitted that they didn’t have a plan to financially support their new life in America. Biniyam chimed in with his dream to become a UFC fighter, whether he was with Ari or not. 

“I came for Ari, but my family, they tell me, even Ari, if she don’t want you, she can sign for your green card because it’s good for me,” he said.

Ariela Weinberg

Ari’s family reacted with silence to the idea that Biniyam might be in it for the green card. Ari acknowledged that her fiancé might not love her like she loves him. 

“Sometimes I worry that I love Biniyam more than he loves me or that he doesn’t love in the same way that I do,” she told cameras. “And I wonder if we’ll ever work out our trust and communication issues.” 

“I’m the real prize here — better than a green card if I decide to marry you,” Ari declared, during the awkward family dinner.

Watch the clip below! 

Biniyam assured fans that he was in it for love, in a recent interview with ET. 

“No, I love Ari. It’s not about I don’t love her, but even if this relationship, if it’s working, if it is not working in the 90 days, at least I’ll have to be for my son,” he explained. ”That’s the number one thing… That’s all I have to say, just, I love Ari. I don’t know what’s happening with Ari’s family. Just still, I don’t know them. And then when you come back here, everything has changed. That’s why just, I want to see what’s going on. Like, if it’s not working in 90 days, maybe I’ll go back, maybe with my son.”

Biniyam Shibre

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