Todd Chrisley’s Gay Lover Claims They Paid Blackmailer $38,000 To Keep Their Affair Secret!

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Todd Chrisley’s former business partner appeared in federal court Tuesday and testified that they paid off a blackmailer after an anonymous individual threatened to expose his intimate relationship with the reality TV dad. 

Mark Braddock, who reported the Chrisley Knows Best star and his wife, Julie, to the FBI, testified that he had an affair with Chrisley in the early 2000s for approximately a year. He told an Atlanta jury that after ending their intimate relationship, they remained close friends until 2012, labeling the new bond a “brotherhood.” 

The men began receiving anonymous text messages threatening to expose their covert affair and alleged fraudulent activity, while Braddock worked for Chrisley’s foreclosure management company. 

Braddock testified that the texts said to “pay cash and we’ll shut up.” He said that he withdrew $9500 from a business account, four times. He testified that he bagged the cash and handed it off to Chrisley in a parking garage to pay off the blackmailer. 

Federal prosecutors accused the reality TV couple of evading taxes and operating a conspiracy to defraud banks, by creating an inflated picture of their wealth in order to live above their means. Prosecutors claimed that after the banks began to catch on, the couple filed for bankruptcy to ditch $20 million of debt, and later concealed money from the IRS.

Todd Chrisley

Braddock, who informed the FBI that he had committed fraud on behalf of himself and Todd and Julie Chrisley, told the jury that he didn’t get over Chrisley even after their affair was over. Braddock explained that his feelings for Chrisley played a role in his decision to commit fraud on the reality star’s behalf. Braddock has admitted to creating fake documents and submitting them to banks, and impersonating Chrisley, via emails and phone calls, with his knowledge.

Todd Chrisley

Braddock, who was granted immunity from prosecution, explained that his motives turned vengeful after the pair fell out in 2012. Chrisley reportedly locked Braddock out of the office and threatened to have him arrested, which ended their friendship. Braddock admitted during cross-examination that he made fake email addresses under phony names, which he used to send incriminating info on the couple to the media and government organizations.  

Chrisley’s lawyer, Bruce Morris, called Braddock “obsessed” with the USA Network star and accused him of wanting to be him. The attorney implied that Braddock even believed that he was Chrisley, during his cross-examination. Braddock denied the claim and revealed the affair, adding that it was his first intimate experience with a man. 

Todd Chrisley

Chrisley addressed the rumors about his sexuality, during a 2017 interview. 

“I’m flattered that people think I can get laid on both ends. So, that doesn’t bother me,” Chrisley told People. “And my wife certainly is flattered that as many men want her husband as there are women.” 

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