Audrey Roloff Bashed For ‘Disrespectful And Disgusting’ Comment About Texas School Massacre!

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Audrey Roloff was hit by backlash after she took to Instagram to encourage her followers to hold onto “hope” after the devastating Texas school massacre. 

The Little People, Big World personality shared a quote on her Instagram Story one day after the horrifying incident occurred, that read—”Even in the shadow of tragedy, let us not lose hope. Give us eyes to see the rapid movements of mercy rushing to fill these newly wounded spaces.”

On Tuesday, Salvador Ramos, 18, gunned down 19 children and two teachers at Uvalde, Texas elementary school, Robb Elementary. Ramos was eventually shot dead after killing 21 and injuring 17. 

Audrey took her posted quote from the book, “A Liturgy For Grieving a National Tragedy.”

Audrey Roloff

Some of Audrey’s followers were not receptive to her message and even called her “disrespectful,” for trying to put a “positive” spin on the horrific killing spree. 

One critic wrote on Reddit—“How dare someone suggest that any act of mercy can fill this ‘void’? To even classify this level of loss as a ‘void’ is disrespectful and disgusting. They were 8-12-year-old innocent children that were murdered while in their classroom.”

Another said—“I hate the toxic positivity culture. How does she even attempt to find positivity in this?”

Another person wrote—“Disgusting. Read the room. Ugh, I hate her even more now. I bet she wouldn’t be spewing this s**t if it was her child that was just murdered at school.”

Audrey Roloff

Audrey has landed in hot water with followers several times in recent months, with many fans calling out the mom of three for her “out of touch” posts. 

Audrey, her husband, Jeremy Roloff, and their three young children, Ember, Bode and Radley, recently enjoyed a trip to Hawaii, and Audrey shared details of the family vacation with her followers. Audrey revealed that it was her fifth visit to the area and shared in one Instagram Story that Maui had become one of the couple’s “favorite spots.”

“We’ve been five times and always try to stay a couple of weeks every time,” Audrey said, last month.  

Audrey Roloff

She explained that the couple had earned the Hawaiian retreat, and were attending on “Young Living’s dime soaking up the sun with new friends and old + our three littles in tow.”  

Audrey added—“Such a freakin gift!!! I’m so grateful for this company, their products, and the people it draws in. Truly one of the best decisions I made 5 years ago.”

One Reddit user jabbed—”Must be nice to have no job and have been to Maui five times. Some of us work and haven’t been once.”

The thirty-year-old went on to share a cute video of Ember’s trips to Hawaii over the years. She captioned the clip—“Bringing our babies to Maui through the years. From tiny toes touching the ocean for the first time… to dragging daddy out to swim in the waves.”

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