The Real Reason Dina Manzo HATES Dolores Catania!

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Dina Manzo alleged that Dolores Catania wrote a letter supporting the release of her ex-husband, Tommy Manzo, from jail in 2021 after he was arrested for coordinating a violent break-in and attack on the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum and her current husband, David Cantin. 

Caroline Manzo, 60, Dina’s estranged sister who is married to Tommy’s brother, Albert Manzo, also pushed for her former brother-in-law’s release, during his time behind bars. Caroline’s actions reportedly led to a falling-out between the sisters. 

Most followers of the story know that Caroline advocated for Tommy, but Dina, 50, recently revealed that Dolores, 51, also campaigned for his release, via a letter. 

Dolores Catania

Two Instagram users were discussing which of the ladies wrote a letter supporting Tommy when Dina cleared up the matter by replying— “Both did.”

Dolores, who remains close with Caroline, spoke to Page Six earlier this month and described her relationship with Dina as two friends who just drifted apart. 

“Sometimes friendships have expiration dates. There’s no rhyme or reason why two people have to always stay in each other’s lives. You don’t need to get in a fight to go separate ways,” Dolores explained.

Dolores added that her role on RHONJ and Dina’s move to California also played into the breakdown of the pair’s relationship.   

“But we didn’t have a fight,” she said. 

Dolores, who confirmed that she wasn’t interested in rebuilding the friendship, shared that she and Dina have remained amicable over the years when crossing paths at various events.  

“It’s not like either one of us did anything to each other that’s so egregious that we can never speak if we saw each other in the same room,” she said.

Teresa Guidice

Dolores’ co-star and longtime friend, Teresa Giudice, revealed during a May 6 appearance on ‘The Slut Pig Podcast’ that Dolores did not make the guestlist for her engagement party because “I know her and Dina do not speak.” Dolores also did not attend Teresa’s 50th birthday party in Tulum, Mexico, earlier this week, while Dina was snapped in multiple photos. 

Dolores’ ex, Frank Catania, backed up Teresa when he stated—“Dina and Dolores will not be in the same place,” during a Monday appearance on ‘The Morning Toast.’

“There’s been an issue brewing with them for a couple years. And I gotta be honest, I don’t even know what exactly it is, but I do know that it’s deep,” he added. “And I also know that Teresa is best friends with Dina. She’s good friends with Dolores, but I know she’s best friends with Dina.”


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