‘Little People Big World’ Fans DRAG Caryn Chandler For Her Involvement In Crashed Roloff Farms Negotiation!

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Little People, Big World started Season 23 with a bang last week, and fans had plenty to say about it. Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, was hit by scathing backlash after the premiere episode featured the fallout after a farm negotiation crashed between Matt and his son, Zach. Zach’s wife, Tori, and Caryn were present during the contentious meeting, and many fans called out Caryn for being too involved in the Roloff family’s business. 

Zach Roloff

Zach described the back-and-forth that went down during the meeting, where Matt implied that the couple “wasn’t good enough” to operate the family business. Caryn and Matt also recounted the tense conversation for TLC viewers. Matt defended Caryn’s involvement, explaining that a second set of ears helped him process information.  

Caryn Chandler

Matt and Caryn, 54, who was employed by the farm for ten years, have been dating for five years. Matt and his ex, Amy Roloff, divorced in 2015 after a 27-year marriage. Fans immediately raised eyebrows at Matt’s new romance and accused Caryn of being after Matt’s fortune. Viewers have called Caryn a plethora of names, including “manipulative,” “narcissistic,” and “gold-digger” since she officially joined the show. Many believe that Matt and Caryn’s relationship was going on before the couple went public.

Zach revealed that Caryn’s presence at the meeting made him uncomfortable, and referenced comments she made that rubbed him the wrong way. Many fans sided with Zach and put Caryn on blast as the episode unfolded. 

Viewers took to Twitter to sound off about Caryn’s alleged motives amid the family turmoil. 

One viewer tweeted—“Really, Caryn? You’re sad & confused that Zach & Tori cut you both out of their lives? A tyrannical, micromanaging, condescending prick & the mistress who broke up his parents marriage crush his dream he’s had since childhood? Yep, it’s a real mystery!”

Another wrote—“Caryn is setting herself up to own that farm, I said this a while ago and her plan is working.”

Another fan pointed out—“Lol Caryn. Zach approached it like a lifestyle because the farm was literally all he knew as a child. That was his life. That’s where he spent his 18 years. It wasn’t “like” a lifestyle. It is his lifestyle.” 

One user said—“Caryn should have known to recuse herself during the meeting for the farm.  It was none of her business what Matt and Zach discussed.  She is holding out for that 4MIL after she marries Matt.  She is clearly cunning divisive and manipulative.”

Another added—“And Caryn isn’t his wife, she has no business in their family business! I understand Amy more why she don’t wanna be around her.” 

Caryn being the controlling NON FAMILY member, then boohoos they are staying away from her.  Shut up,” a viewer wrote. 

Matt Roloff

Some fans fired shots at Matt, for seemingly walking away from what he claimed was his goal for years. 

One person said—“For years Matt talked about building a family farm as a legacy, but ultimately he made his choices…Caryn over Amy & his family, money over his kids, their families, this alleged legacy & Matt is laughing like a demented troll at the end.”

“#MattRoloff your dream died because YOU killed it. You should be ashamed of yourself. And Caryn please shut up,” another viewer wrote. 

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