Melissa Gorga Claims She Would’ve Scored A Spot On ‘RHONJ’ With Or Without Teresa Giudice!

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The recently concluded season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey included a familiar dynamic between Teresa Giudice and her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga. Tensions between the family members circled back to Melissa being told that she and her husband owe their Bravo fame to Teresa.  

Melissa Gorga

Melissa fired back during a recent appearance on the “Mention It All” podcast, responding to the repetitive family narrative.

“It Would be crazy to think that [I was the villain of the show]… I was a 31 year old girl with an opportunity, Just like every other person in new jersey at this point,” Melissa said.

“I am not even going to lie they’ve hit every girl up in New Jersey. I know people loved to say in the beginning, ‘Oh, it’s because of Teresa or you wouldn’t be here,’” the reality star said. 

Joe Gorga

Melissa went on—“I mean, Do people think that if Teresa wasn’t on the show and Bravo came to interview Joe and I — we wouldn’t have made it onto the show — but all of these other people would have? I just feel like people are so silly when they say sh*t like that.”

Melissa didn’t address the fact that Bravo likely expressed interest because she was married to the breakout star of the franchise’s brother.

Melissa Gorga

The podcast host reminded her that Teresa referenced how Melissa got started on Bravo, during the recently aired reunion series. Andy Cohen objected to Teresa’s throwback shade, and Melissa claimed that her sister-in-law had been told to move on from the ancient history.  

“No, It’s like forbidden. Everyone at Bravo says [to Teresa], ‘You’re not allowed to say that anymore.’ We are so past that,” she explained. “At this point, I’ve been on the show since Season 3 – and in Season 1 they only did six episodes – so I’m not that many episodes behind whatever she has done. It’s insane!”

Melissa Gorga

Melissa admitted—“Of course, she was here first and I get that, but I feel like that’s the only villain aspect I will get is ‘She came on the show behind my back!’ because she just planted it and planted it and planted it. I don’t think anyone cares anymore, let’s be honest, I think everyone’s over that.”

Teresa Giudice

Melissa’s podcast remarks came after she and Joe sounded off about the issue on her own podcast, ‘On Display.’ The pair claimed that they carried the show during Teresa Giudice’s time in prison, and shared why they believed that Teresa should be grateful that they landed on RHONJ. 

“How about being grateful that Joe and I, that we’re still here and we kept the core of that show together so that when she got out we were able to cast all of these new people…” Melissa said. 

Melissa Gorga

“We kept the core of this show going, or else it would’ve just turned into the show that she had for three episodes–which was like the Teresa went to prison show, which Joe Giudice did on his own,” she added.

Fans largely disagreed with the couple’s assessment—and let them know via social media. 

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