90 Day Fiancé: How Bilal And Shaeeda’s Fight Began Because Of A Booger!

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90 Day Fiancé’s Bilal and Shaeeda’s fight got so intense that he wanted to leave her by the road to get an uber!

It all started when Bilal and his fiancée from Trinidad were on their way to Jum’ah on Friday. Shaeeda was nervous during their ride because it was the first time she would meet his community, extended family, church family, and his ex-wife. However, things went south during the car ride after Bilal made a joke about Shaeeda’s nose!

While Shaeeda thought Bilal was giving her advice on how to act when meeting his family, he was actually preparing a nasty joke. “I would tell you one thing, though, that you might want to do before you meet her: you just might want to get that booger out of your nose,” Bilal joked. “Yeah, you got a booger in your nose. It’s green and brownish. Looks like it’s got a hair on it.” Shaeeda didn’t take the joke well. 

Shaeeda responded by patting Bilal on the head which he didn’t take well either. She said, “I’m getting sick and tired of you pranking me about this booger in my nose [bonks head]. I hate this type of joke. That’s an American thing. That is not a Trinidad thing, and that is not my type of humor.” Bilal then lectured his fiancée and harshly told her to keep her hands to herself. 

Bilal then threatened to pull the car off the highway and make her find an Uber to get home. When Shaeeda tested the water and claimed he wouldn’t actually do that, he pulled off the road. Thankfully, Shaeeda didn’t have to find her own way to the mosque. However, when they arrived, Bilal completely ignored Shaeeda and didn’t introduce her to his extended family. Despite Bilal’s behavior, Shaeeda’s meeting with his ex-wife was brief but pleasant. 

Later on, Shaeeda came downstairs prepared for a date night, only to learn Bilal was no longer in the mood to go. They discussed their issue earlier and realized they still don’t know each other that well. Their scene ended with Shaeeda apologizing for her actions in the car. However, Bilal revealed at that point that he wasn’t sure if he was ready to marry Shaeeda. It’s crazy to think their massive fight started all because of a booger joke that Bilal made. 

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