Lisa Rinna Responds To Alleged Rat Bite Incident In Her Home!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, has responded to a report about an incident involving a rat bite at her home after the story exploded on social media. 

RHONH alum, Dana Wilkey, posted a report on Instagram that quickly took off on Twitter and Reddit. Dana’s bio purports that the former reality star “spills the tea” on all things Bravo. 

On May 13, she shared that a “source is now reporting that while filming the show’s 12th season, Sheree Zampino was bitten by a rat during an event at Lisa Rinna’s house.” 

Zampino was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for exposure to Hantavirus, a disease found in wild rodents,” she added. 

Lisa Rinna

Instagram account, realhousewives.only posted a screenshot of Dana’s report and added a caption that read—“This is alleged but if it is true, do we think she will be OWNING living in a rat infested house?”

Rinna took to the comment section to set the record straight and deny the report. 

“To set the record straight unfortunately Sheree had covid that day not a rat bite,” Rinna wrote. 

Rinna later added a second comment, writing—“Oh for f*** sake” along with two rat emojis.

The RHOBH veteran wrote—“Listen I know you’re all pissed at me but this is not true so if you’re gonna come up with this bullshit at least come up with something that would be believable and more interesting than this.”

Rinna also spoke out on her Instagram Stories, first posting a video of a person running from a rat. 

“Oh look the rat that allegedly bit Sheree is in NYC now!!! Runnnnn,” she captioned the vid.

Rinna shared a screenshot of Dana’s post and declared that she had uncovered the original source behind the story.

“This is so ridiculous but I had to dig for the lying source of the rat!” she captioned the screenshot, adding, “& proof of rat story… 15 minutes of fame & cheap looking 25K glasses.” 

Longtime RHOBH fans will recall that Dana bragged about owning $25k  Luxuriator sunglasses while filming a past scene for RHOBH.  

Lots of Reddit users did not buy Rinna’s denial, and many called out her statements.  

Lisa Rinna

One fan echoed Rinna, writing—“at least come up with something that would be believable and more interesting than this.”

Some viewers reminded others that Rinna’s Season 8 storyline involved a rat infestation in her house. 

“She literally had rats in her KITCHEN during her first few seasons! This rumour is very much believable girl ??????” a fan wrote. 

“She had a whole ‘rat in my house’ storyline her second season on the show!” another pointed out.

Lisa Rinna

One fan asked—“Am I the only one who thought the rat story was actually plausible?”

Another person kept her comment short and to the point.

“Just own it, hunni. You’ve got rats!” 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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