‘Worst Cooks’ Winner Found Guilty Of Beating 3-Year-Old Foster Child To Death!

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Worst Cooks in America winner, Ariel Robinson, had been charged with the beating of their foster child, Victoria. 

On Thursday, Ariel Robinson, 30, was sentenced to life in prison after she was found guilty of child abuse. According to WYFF, Ariel testified that her husband, Jerry, had beaten their 3-year-old daughter to death and she was not responsible in any way. Ariel said she left the night before Victoria’s death to get groceries and when she returned the following morning, the girl went limp after breakfast.

Ariel was found guilty by a jury in Greenville County, South Carolina for the Jan 14, 2021 homicide of Victoria Smith. In a video from the court hearing, Judge Letitia H. Verdin admitted that she had never seen anything like this in her 14 years of being a judge. “And what compounds it is that I understand what your attorney is saying, perhaps you snapped at that moment, but then why let this child suffer and not get the medical attention that she desperately needed as she lay dying in her own bedroom.”

On Wednesday, Greenville County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Ward testified that the toddler was beaten with such force that her blood vessels burst, allowing blood to collect in her muscles and fat, which could have led to her death. 

The couple was arrested in January 2021 and charged with homicide by child abuse, court records show. They were accused of inflicting a series of blunt force injuries to Victoria. Prosecutors said evidence showed that Ariel inflicted the injuries on Tori and not the husband. They used evidence from her Instagram account where she posted about Jerry and Tori. 

Jerry pleaded guilty to aiding abetting homicide by child abuse. His attorney, Lucas C. Marchant, said, “Mr. Robinson is extremely remorseful for what happened to Tori. He loved her very dearly and he knows that he failed her as her father. He has accepted responsibility for his actions, or rather inactions in this tragic situation. Following this horrific event, he has fully cooperated with law enforcement and the prosecution to bring closure to this case.”

A petition has also been made on change.org with close to 46,000 signatures which calls for South Carolina lawmakers to pass a bill called Victoria’s Law that will reform “the current screening process to become not only an adoptive parent but as a foster parent as well.”


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