‘LPBW’ Fans Accuse Matt’s Girlfriend Caryn Chandler Of Dividing His Family!

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Little People, Big World viewers raised eyebrows after TLC released a preview that revealed Zach Roloff referencing his father, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, in comments about a family dispute over the future of Roloff Farms. 

Fans took note of the twist and are now slamming Caryn on social media,  ahead of the upcoming season premiere. Many viewers are wondering where Roloff Farms will land if Matt passes away—and if Caryn could be the person  legally positioned to take over the property. Some fans believe that Caryn is quietly manipulating the situation from behind the scenes, and is slowly pushing Matt’s children out of the picture. 

Matt is reportedly open to handing off part of the property to his youngest son, Jacob Roloff, and his wife, Isabel. However, Jacob is likely not financially qualified to buy the property, and his refusal to be part of the TLC series would mean the end of the show. The upcoming season will feature Matt and Zach butting heads, after Zach presented an offer that Matt and Caryn seemingly found unacceptable. 

TLC posted a preview of the upcoming season on Instagram—and fans sounded off about how they see Caryn’s role in the unfolding family drama.   


One user said— “What upsets me with this clip is the smirk on Karen’s face ? Its sad to see this family being torn apart.”

Another viewer wrote—“Matt only cares about himself. Most parents would have given their children the land. He only cares about money and Karen is all for it”

Another fan chimed in—“Since Karen came into Matt’s life things has drastically change. Looks to me she wants it all to herself one day!!! Love is blind.”

One commenter said—“Karen should have no involvement or say so regarding the farm or any family issues. At the end of the day they are his kids and his relationship with them is priority.”

Another wrote—“Matt has been and will always be all about him. He talked and talked about the farm staying in the family. But money and his arrogance has gotten in the way. Done watching the show.”

Matt Roloff

“It’s not right what he’s doing to his kids,” one user wrote. “I thought Karen was a nice lady. She shows a different side to her every time she on tv. I know reality tv isn’t reality but this is ridiculous!! I know now why Amy has her reservations about Karen. She’s sneaky. I don’t trust her. I feel for the Rolloff children and Amy I truly do!!”

Karen and Matt are not married,” one fan pointed out. “She shouldn’t be involved with any kind of offer. That smirk really bothered me.”

Another viewer wrote—“Never liked karen at all she’s up to no good always has been! She was their bookkeeper so hello?? We all know why she’s with him.”

Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World premieres on May 17 at 9 pm, ET, on TLC. 

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