‘RHOA’ RECAP: Marlo DRAGS Kenya — Calls Her ‘Full Of Sh*t’ And A ‘Has-Been!’

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The much-anticipated S14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is finally here! Producers begin with a preview of what’s to come this season and these peaches didn’t come to play! We pop in on Kenya Moore as she rehearses for Dancing with the Stars, and sis is genuinely enjoying herself. Kenya’s dance partner is Brandon Armstrong and the two seem to get along. Kenya’s in Los Angeles during her time on DWTS and offers to cook for Brandon when he visits Atlanta. As Kenya continues mixing business with pleasure, Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton stop by to see Kenya in action. Marlo’s wearing a black dress and pixie cut wig in appreciation of Kenya and receives a proper introduction. If you’re a fan of Housewives then you know Marlo, but sis is officially a peach holder! 

Kenya Moore

Kenya sends Brandon away as Marlo comments on his good looks and baby hair, which gives Kenya the perfect opportunity to inquire about Marlo’s edges. Marlo used her funds to get a hair transplant, so at least that’s one problem taken care of. Kenya shares with Kandi and Marlo how much fun she’s having on DWTS, and Kandi asks Kenya if she’s crushing on Brandon. Without answering, Kenya pivots the conversation to Marlo and her dating life. Marlo’s only going on dates to eat, so she’s not looking for anything serious at the moment. Marlo doesn’t know what her date does for a living, and Kandi comments about not knowing what Marlo does for money. Marlo denies Kandi’s claims and invites the ladies to stop by Le’Archive to see her work. 

Marlo owns and operates Le’Archive and is excited to introduce her fashion showroom to Atlanta. Marlo seems excited and the ladies agree to support her. Marlo mentions how she dated a billionaire and made good investments in the past. Kenya and Kandi aren’t paying Marlo any attention as the OG Sheree Whitfield returns! The ladies greet Sheree with open arms and Kenya asks about Tyrone Gilliams and their relationship. Thankfully, Tyrone has been paroled to Philadelphia and is currently residing in a halfway house. Sheree is definitely in love as producers show us the effort Tyrone and Sheree put into their relationship to make it work. 

Kandi Burruss

Kenya wonders how the sex was with Tyrone, and Sheree confirms the experience was “quick,” LOL. Sheree and Kenya have come a long way and Sheree thinks the birth of Brooklyn changed Kenya for the better. Sheree tells the ladies how often she visits Tyrone and reveals she’s not having sex with him. The ladies are taken aback but pivot to Kenya and her divorce proceedings. Kenya wants Marc Daly to sign the papers so she can move on, and soon, Marlo’s all in Kandi’s business about Todd Tucker. Kandi and Todd are in a rut, but aren’t we all, sometimes? The next day Marlo’s getting her “Muntie” on as she wakes her nephews up for the day. Marlo’s taking care of her nephews while her sister’s incarcerated, and the boys have grounded Marlo a bit. 

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman are riding to the gym as the two passes the time with some wig talk. The pair arrive at the gym, and we’re introduced to newbie, Sanya Richards-Ross, and her husband, Aaron Ross. The couples begin stretching as Drew pitches ‘Drop it with Drew’ to Sanya. Drew wants to help people lose hundreds of pounds and Sanya seems interested in Drew’s newest business venture. Drew and Sanya race and Sanya smokes Drew (I mean, Sanya is an Olympic medalist). The couples get their fitness on and Sanya’s a bit disappointed in Drew’s exercise abilities. Aaron and Ralph chat a bit as Drew confides in Sanya about her marital issues. Apparently, Ralph’s been getting too close to his assistant and Drew found inappropriate text messages on his phone. 

Ralph’s little assistant offered this married man a massage and it seems like Ralph isn’t done playing in the streets. At Kenya’s the next day, there’s a surprise guest cooking with Kenya and Brooklyn. I don’t know why but Kenya has her dance partner in her house, and it seems like she’s looking for husband number two. A beautiful woman personally invites the ladies to Marlo’s Le’Archive event and Kenya shades Marlo’s invite attempt. Nothing’s ever good enough for Kenya, LOL. At Sanya’s, we get a peek into her daily life as she sets out food for her family. Sanya has a full house and tons of responsibilities with a son and her parents moving in, but that doesn’t stop Aaron from wanting more kids. Aaron wants a little girl and Sanya doesn’t want to put a strain on their relationship. 

Aaron checks out of the conversation and goes off with their son. Sanya talks to her parents about the struggles with Aaron and Sanya isn’t sure what to do. Later that night Drew is setting up a small tasting event for her meal prep line and invites Sanya and Kandi to try it out. Drew reiterates that she’s had struggles with her weight and wants to introduce the idea of clean eating to Atlanta. Drew claims she lost 25 pounds in three weeks, but by the looks of it, it may have been water weight, LOL. Kandi and Sanya aren’t believing Drew completely but still taste the food for support. Sanya follows up with Drew about Ralph and the assistant issue, and Kandi gives her two cents on the situation. 

In the middle of Drew explaining, Ralph walks in, and the energy shifts. Ralph’s on edge as he asks Drew which version of the story she’s sharing. Sanya tries to be the voice of reason but Ralph cuts her off and begins raising his voice. Ralph is deflecting and making excuses about back pain. Kandi gives him the real and cuts through Ralph’s BS. Of course, Ralph doesn’t take any accountability in the situation, and something tells me this isn’t the end. It’s Le’Archive Gala Day as Marlo calls Sheree to make sure she dresses fabulous! Marlo arrives at her event being extra as usual and seems to be in her element as she prepares to launch.

Kandi and Todd arrive first, and Kandi appreciates how Le’Archive is set up. Sanya and Drew look amazing as the crowd begins to fill in. Sheree checks out a few pieces as Sanya tries to figure out what’s going on. The ladies are enjoying the event but are confused as to what exactly Marlo’s direction is. Marlo’s still getting ready as the ladies begin to twiddle their thumbs and wonder where Kenya is. Kenya was recently voted off of DWTS and Kandi’s worried that Kenya’s still feeling down. Sanya’s excited to meet Kenya and Kandi wants Sanya to give Kenya a fair chance. Drew reiterated that she and Kenya aren’t cool but will remain cordial in the group. 

Marlo Hampton

Kenya loves the ballroom but is not impressed by the lack of food. The ladies begin shading the spelling of Le’Archive and Drew pulls Kenya to the side for a drink. Drew asks Kenya how she’s doing after the elimination and soon wonders why the two of them couldn’t connect. Drew wants a clean slate and Kenya agrees to start over with Drew. Aw, growth! It’s 9:30 p.m. and Marlo finally makes her grand entrance. Marlo introduces her nephews to the ladies and begins showing off her famous pieces to them. Marlo’s only renting her pieces to famous people in the industry, and I can’t lie,  Marlo has some nice stuff! Marlo lightly shades Drew before changing outfits. Marlo bragged about spending 40K on this event and the ladies wonder where the models are, LOL. 

The ladies take a seat and Drew tells Sheree that they have friends in common. Before Drew can elaborate, the DJ reintroduces Marlo as she shows off outfit number two. Marlo thanks the crowd for their support and Kenya shades Marlo in her confessional. No one knows what Marlo really does but everyone lets her live in the meantime. The ladies mingle, and before long, Sheree and Sanya spill the beans to Marlo about the complaints. Marlo pretends not to care but when Sheree tells her about Kenya’s comments then things go left. Marlo doesn’t appreciate Kenya questioning her funds and begins dishing out insults! I knew their friendship wouldn’t last, LOL. 

Marlo thinks Kenya will never be happy for her and that Kenya doesn’t know how to be nice. On the couch, Kandi brings up Drew’s marital issues, and Drew gives Kandi the greenlight to fill Kenya in. Kandi found the assistant and the ladies check her out. The assistant posted a subliminal message and now Drew wonders if the message was directed toward her. Ralph was supposed to fire this woman, but it doesn’t seem like he cut ties completely. Marlo comes over hot as she begins cursing at Kenya about her shady comments. Kenya’s surprised at Marlo’s aggressiveness and Kandi tries to chime in, to no avail. Sanya admits to spilling the beans and Marlo and Drew begin to go at it. Marlo goes after Kandi but once Kandi asks a legit question, Marlo tries to explain the unexplainable. Marlo gets tired of explaining herself and decides to shade Drew one more time before walking away. Whew, this season is about to be HOT, and you don’t want to miss it! Be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 


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