Kim Kardashian Slammed For ‘Refusing’ To Say Daughter North Is Black In Leaked Video!

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Kim Kardashian was hit by backlash after a resurfaced Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip revealed the pregnant reality star “refusing” to acknowledge her unborn daughter’s black culture. Kim shares four children with musician, Kanye West North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2. 

A Twitter user posted the video after Kris Jenner gushed over her daughter on the platform. 

Kim is just so smart! Everything I know so learned from her!!!!!” the “momager” tweeted.

Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner, confirmed that the former E! star had hacked her mother’s account after Kris seemingly tweeted—”I love my daughter Kim the most! She’s just the cutest and sweetest!”

The confusion didn’t keep followers from putting Kim on blast for her past comments about her unborn child’s skin tone. 

Kim showed off a new stroller purchased ahead of North’s birth to her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and ex, Scott Disick, in the footage. 

Kim Kardashian

“I’ve got to see what skin tone my child is before I can…” Kim said before being cut off by Scott, 38, who said, “the kid’s going to be black.”

“It’s going to be a variation of a skin tone,” Kim said, correcting Scott. “I’m just trying to see what colors will look good.”

Watch the clip below!

The fan who dug up the video bashed Kim in the caption, writing—”Remember when Kim K didn’t want to admit her baby was black, so she called North, ‘a variation of a skin tone’ to match the stroller? She’s a genius.”

The tweet sparked more negative comments about Kim’s choice of words.

One person wrote—”I wouldn’t care if my baby was black or white my child is my child I would love them no matter what they are.”

Kim Kardashian

Another said—”is she not just trying to say that her baby is going to be mixed and mixed people have the potential to have a lot of variation in skin color? like she didn’t know the exact combination of genetics her baby was going to get lol.”

One fan pointed out Scott’s quick response to Kim writing—”Scott coming in with the real! ‘She’ll be black’. Never heard this clip before.”

Other fans came to Kim’s defense, with one tweeting—”Ummm she’s right tho her baby is biracial not only black or only white.”

“Y’all still stuck on a clip from over 5 years ago,” another user pointed out.

Kim Kardashian

A recent hard-hitting Los Angeles Times article accused Kim and her sisters of “extracting financial gain from Black people.”

The reporter used a quote from Ren Ellis Neyra, a Wesleyan University associate professor of African American studies.

“The Kardashians are a prime example of multiracial white supremacy,” Neyra wrote in the digital mag, Public Books.

Kim Kardashian

“A commercial enterprise posing as a family, the Kardashians are hell-bent on extracting financial gain from Black people and Black culture, even as they stigmatize, in particular, Black women through their project of multiracial whiteness.”

The Kardashian sisters’ ever-changing physical appearances have caused critics to accuse them of trying to mimic black culture, over the course of their lengthy reality TV careers. 


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