90 Day Fiancé’s Anna-Marie And Mursel Mistanoglu Welcome Baby Via Surrogate In Ukraine!

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90 Day Fiancé stars, Anna-Marie and Mursel Mistanoglu, welcome their first child together — a healthy baby boy!

Anna-Marie announced the great news to her Instagram followers and 90 Day fans on April 25. The former TLC star wrote that their son was born two weeks early on April 11, and he was healthy and weighed 5.3 pounds, 18 inches. Campisi praised the Dynamo project for helping them pick up their son during this hectic time in Ukraine. 

Mursel Mistanoglu

Ann-Marie captioned it, “They planned the logistics including travel into Ukraine, a safe place to stay while in Ukraine, and travel while inside.” She contined, “They were with me the entire time. We left Warsaw with Project Dynamo, they crossed us across the border by foot and then transported us to a safer hotel. The next day I was transported to pick up our baby and get all of the documents completed.”

In her post, Ann-Marie added, “This is such an amazing group! They go into countries with wars and hostile environments to help people get out! They have helped numerous people in Ukraine get out of towns, they’ve moved surrogates and babies. We will forever be grateful to them! This is a non-profit group that relies on donations to help with their missions to get people out!” Since Mursel had a single-entry Schengen Visa, Anna traveled to Ukraine without him while he remained in Poland. Campisi also revealed that she met the surrogate and that the lady was an amazing woman.

The 90 Day Fiancé star also exposed TLC for not following their pregnancy journey. One fan wrote in the comment section that their pregnancy journey would make for a good TLC show. However, Ann-Marie answered saying the network didn’t want to follow their story.  Many fans responded with disappointment at the news. One fan said, “That’s because the two of you are happy and drama free! Congratulations!” Another fan wrote, “It’s sad because this is true love unlike some other couples who are nothing but drama.. congratulations!” Other fans shamed TLC for missing out on a great story to fill their television screens with trash television. 

Anna and Mursel announced last year that they were expecting a child together. Fans love the sweet couple and are happy everything went well with their son Gokhan John’s delivery in Ukraine. 

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