‘Kandi & The Gang’ RECAP: Kandi And Todd Try To Mend Things Between Shawndreca And Patrick!

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This week on Kandi & The Gang, the lunch shift has started, and surprisingly, everyone is doing actual work. Brian and Phillip are cleaning the bar as the Old Lady Gang joins a dating website for Aunt Bertha. Mama Joyce and Aunt Bertha take their profile pictures and begin the hunt for some male company. At Stockyard’s, June and Shawndreca are waiting on Dom’Unique Variety for a quick chat. Dom’Unique arrives and after their drinks are ordered, Shawndreca inquires about what happened during Patrick’s housewarming party. Dom’Unique tries to save face, but June has other plans. June made it clear that he wasn’t there to start problems but didn’t appreciate Dom’Unique leaving them outside like that. 

Dom’Unique becomes agitated the more June begins to talk, and June wants to make it clear that last night shouldn’t happen again. June (like most of us) believes if you came there together, then you should leave together. Dom’Unique claims she was already inside, and she was there with her bosses, but June aint giving Dom’Unique the benefit of doubt. Dom’Unique thinks Shawndreca should get her man together, but she just remains silent before going after Torin. June plans on confronting all of Shawndreca’s friends and sis is just going to sit by and watch it happen, SMH. Dom’Unique is over the conversation and leaves so she can head back to work while Shawndreca and June finish their meal. 

Back at OLG, business is popping as Patrick facilitates parking and Shawndreca complains about her hostess station being dirty. Brian invites Shawndreca to his wig’s funeral, and Todd chats with Patrick about his housewarming. Patrick thought there would be less people, but Todd makes it clear that he misses the crazy Patrick. Before they can dive more into the conversation, a black Benz pulls up with a red bow on top. Come to find out, it’s June coming to surprise Shawndreca with a new car! June hops out the car and Patrick has June pay the $10 parking fee. 

June had a little issue paying the full $10 and Patrick wonders why he has a Benz but can’t pull out the parking fee. June inquires about the housewarming party and Patrick immediately throws Safari under the bus by admitting it was her idea to leave June and Shawndreca out of the festivities. June then calls Shawndreca outside to reveal the surprise, and Shawndreca leaves her station with no one to cover, SMH. Shawndreca is ecstatic about her new ride and soon everyone comes outside to take a peak. Clearly, no ones inside working with all these customers but no one notices the issue but Todd, LOL. Since everyone’s outside, June takes this opportunity to talk to Brian, Shardo, and Torin about the issues at Patrick’s last night. 


June wants more understanding of their thought process, and Torin looks immediately put off by June’s assertiveness. June admits that Shawndreca’s feelings were hurt because no one came to her defense, and Torin admits to being out the loop after the guest list changed. The fellas are able to come to an understanding, and Torin plans on chatting with Shawndreca to get the tea from the horse’s mouth. The next day is the funeral for Brian’s wig and Shawndreca comes in being extra, as always. Shardo gives Shawndreca props on her fit and Brian’s upstairs wailing for the lost of his wig. Torin arrives with sunflowers and Shawndreca assumes they’re for her, LOL. After Torin smacks Shawndreca’s hand away, Brian comes down the stairs in a full black vail with a shoebox with the wig inside. The wig’s name was Lesile and the crew go outside and bury her in the yard. They are so extra, LOL. 

Brian thanks the crew for coming and Shawndreca reveals she’s on her way to a triple date with Kandi, Todd, Patrick, and Safari to straighten things out. The fellas also tell Shawndreca how June approached them and Shawndreca goes into defense mode. Shawndreca thinks no one had her back and Torin lets her know he tried but was unsuccessful. Brian admits her issue should be with Dom’Unique and not them. Shawndreca claims not to care but Torin can see right through her BS! 

Torin felt some type of way by June doing the dirty work and not Shawndreca being a real friend and coming to Torin directly. Shawndreca continues with her side of the story and dramatically storms out as she insults the rest of Brian’s wigs, LOL. It’s triple date time and Kandi and Todd arrive first to get things started. They want to counsel and make sure everyone’s cool being around each other. The remaining couples arrive and everyone’s playing nice as they size each other up. Kandi introduces Safari to Shawndreca, and Todd lets the table know what sparked the idea for a triple date. Safari claims she has no beefs with Shawndreca and that it was an unspoken code for the housewarming. 

After ordering drinks, June asks Safari directly why she didn’t want Shawndreca attending the housewarming. Safari states she didn’t know how the energy would be between Patrick and Shawndreca, and felt she wanted to keep her energy clear. Kandi thinks they just need to get familiar with each other, but Safari seems fake to me. Switching conversations, Todd asks Safari about her name and June and Shawndreca reveal the chemistry within their relationship. However, when Todd got to Patrick and SafariSafari thought he was a trick and that threw the entire table off! Safari thought Patrick was someone she can use, and that doesn’t sit right with Kandi. Ending the conversation, the couples go ahead and begin playing Connect Four. 

Shawndreca Robinson

Back at OLG, DonJuan and Phillip are chatting with Brandon about his potential move to another location. DonJuan lets Brandon know that his relationship with Dom’Unique puts the business in a hard spot. Dom’Unique walks in just in time for DonJuan to ask her point-blank if she’s dating anyone. Dom’Unique admits to dating Brandon and DonJuan wants to find a way to navigate this relationship. Neither Dom’Unique or Brandon want to leave, and no resolution was made! Super frustrating! 

Todd’s heading to his barber to get a shape up and to chat with Patrick about the triple date. Todd reveals to getting his prostate checked and I commend him for keeping his health in mind. Patrick arrives and admits to having a lot on his mind as he asks Todd how he knew Kandi was the one. Todd loved how much Kandi loved her family and Patrick reveals he’s thinking of proposing to Safari! Todd asks Patrick why he thinks Safari is the one, and producers take us across town, where Kandi is meeting up with Safari. Kandi’s super protective of Patrick and wants to make sure Safari has his best interest at heart. Kandi asks Safari how the triple date went for her, and Safari states she’s glad she went. 


Safari thinks June and Shawndreca are chill, but Kandi really wants to know what Safari meant when she called Patrick a trick. Back at the barbershop, Todd tells Patrick he sees red flags when it comes to Safari. Safari tells Kandi she thought Patrick was projecting the persona of a trick through Instagram and Kandi seems to understand. Patrick appreciates Todd for his concern but isn’t worried about the red flags in his relationship. Patrick believes he and Safari are twin flames that found they way back to each other, SMH. Okay, sir. Todd wants to make sure Safari says the same thing about him. Kandi tells Safari of all the beautiful things Patrick says about her but is concerned because on their date, Safari seemed like Patrick wasn’t the one. 

Safari cleans up her act and begins to open up about Patrick and the way she feels about him. Safari feels that Patrick supports and respects her, and soon both women become emotional talking about the love Safari has for Patrick. Kandi likes Safari and tells her she loves Patrick as if she were his mama. At Brian’s apartment, he and Shardo are prepping for the crew to come over for a get-together. Surprisingly, Brian is drinking again, but no one seems to say anything as Shawndreca and Dom’Unique arrive. 

Dom'Unique Variety

The crew greets each other and gives Brian props for his new wig piece. Shawndreca gives the crew an update on their triple date and tells Torin how Patrick threw him under the bus about the invites. Shardo admits that the housewarming was boring and apologizes to Shawndreca for not going outside to check on her. Shardo then tells Shawndreca that he did suggest Dom’Unique go outside to check on her, and the conversation goes left! Dom’Unique tries to deny her part and immediately tells Shardo to stay out her business. Shardo tells Dom’Unique he doesn’t know her and Dom’Unique continues raising her voice. Shardo soon laughs the energy off and exits stage left as Dom’Unique yells at Brian to get “his little pet”. 

Dom’Unique tells Brian not to put the two of them in the same room anymore, and Dom’Unique won’t allow anyone to talk. Soon after,  Shawndreca begins going off on Torin as Dom’Unique and Shawndreca leave in a huff. The next day, Patrick invites his “fantastic four” over to Mama Joyce’s to ask them an important question. Patrick comes in, all smiles, and before he can say anything, Aunt Bertha already knows he’s ready for marriage. Patrick shows the ladies the ring and Kandi makes sure it’s not the same ring he gave his ex-girlfriend, SMH. The ladies give Patrick their blessing, and it appears a wedding is in our midst (I hope he doesn’t go through with it). Come back to find out what happens next week on a brand-new Kandi & The Gang! 

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