Jason Oppenheim Struggling Post-Breakup From Chrishell Stause!

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Jason Oppenheim is still struggling amid his breakup with Chrishell Stause. The Selling Sunset star spoke to Page Six about the aftermath of the split and admitted that watching his relationship with the actress play out on the series had thwarted his healing process.    

“That was tough,” he told the outlet. “I did watch it a couple of days ago, and it was even more difficult than I expected, so I don’t think anyone should have to do that, to be honest.”

A brand new season of the reality series premiered Friday on Netflix. The show chronicles Oppenheim and Stause’s romance as duo visits Europe and shares their feelings for each other with their co-stars. The series also features the former couple considering having children together one day.  

Jason Oppenheim

The couple announced that they were parting ways in December 2021, because Oppenheim, 45, decided that he was against having children anytime soon. Stause, 40, noted at the time that “men have the luxury of tome that women don’t and that’s just the way it goes.”  

“[I’m] still healing, still processing,” Oppenheim told the outlet, adding that it been “several months” since the split. “I think or I’d hoped that maybe I’d … processed it better by now, but it’s clearly going to be a longer process than I expected.”

The powerhouse real estate agent was asked if he was prioritizing his personal life over his career. 

He responded—“I haven’t really gotten back to a homeostasis in my personal life. I don’t know how long that’s going to take.”

Oppenheim admitted that watching his doomed romance play out on the real estate series caused a “bit of a setback.” He added that he was unsure about how Stause felt post-breakup. 

“It’s just a long process for both of us,” he said.

Jason Oppenheim

Page Six reported in February that a snitch overheard Oppenheim speaking on the phone about avoiding his ex after they crossed paths at an event, because “she f**king flipped” after seeing him kiss another woman.

The broker revealed that he was “not looking forward” to reliving the severed relationship at the “Selling Sunset” reunion, which taped on Sunday. 

Jason Oppenheim

“I don’t think it will help,” he said. “I think it’s making things more difficult. Having to rewatch it has made things more difficult, and I think the reunion will make things more difficult.”

Stause shared on her Instagram Stories last week that she found watching back the episodes with herself and Oppenheim “brutal.” 

Chrishell Stause

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