‘Kandi & The Gang’ RECAP: Drama Unfolds When Shawndreca Shows Up To Patrick’s Housewarming!

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This week on a new episode of Kandi & The Gang, we see Kandi Burruss teaching the Old Lady Gang how to make a TikTok as Dom’Unique Variety meets up with Shawndreca Robinson at a local restaurant. The two order their drinks as Shawndreca checks in on Dom’Unique and Brandon Black’s undercover relationship. Before Dom’Unique can answer, producers shift our view over to Brandon as Patrick Dallas pulls up. As the men wait for Torin Mitchell to arrive, they begin drinking as Patrick explains how hard it is picking out furniture for his place. Torin arrives with liquor in hand and the bro-fest begins. Patrick rehires Torin for his housewarming party, and we find out Patrick doesn’t have any furniture because Safari didn’t like the suggestions. *roll eyes* 

I get making your woman happy, but come on Patrick! After producers remind us of Safari’s powers, Brandon reveals to Patrick and Torin that he got confronted by DonJuan Clark and Phillip Frempong about his relationship with Dom’Unique. Brandon also spills the beans on Shawndreca and the venting session she had. Shawndreca is explaining her side of the story to Dom’Unique as she fails to take accountability for her part, SMH. Patrick tells Brandon and Torin about Shawndreca’s failed investigation and that she thought it was Patrick, but sis ended up telling on herself! Dom’Unique tells Shawndreca about her and Brandon getting caught and it seems like everyone’s dirty laundry is coming out today! Brandon tells the fellas that either he or Dom’Unique have to change locations, but Brandon admits that they’re going to lie about breaking things off. 

After laughing off their entanglements, Brandon admits that he’s calming down a little and thinking about settling down. Patrick seems to be in the same boat, but Torin quickly points out that Patrick hasn’t asked Safari to marry him, yet. Patrick says he’s going to propose soon, but we’ll see how that works out. The next day, it’s business as usual at OLG as Patrick directs customers to park and Rashard Roles takes a break. Phillip is facilitating things behind the bar as he watches Brandon’s questionable work ethic. Patrick’s inviting guests to his bake-off since OLG needs a new dessert menu. 

As Patrick curates the guest list, Shawndreca and Rashard are dealing with flooding from the bar. Shawndreca attempts to get Brandon to help with the mess, but Brandon’s too busy on his phone to help Phillip out. Phillip’s side-eyeing Brandon as he cleans up behind the bar, and I can tell Brandon may be on his way to the unemployment office. The next day, we finally see Brian Redmond as he meets up with Shawndreca and Torin at Zoet Beauty Supply. Brian began wearing wigs when his hair started thinning, so today’s a trip to re-up on his pieces. Brian finds an Aunt Nora wig and has the entire store laughing with his impressions of the OLG. The three amigos have a great time cutting up and trying on all the wigs in the store, LOL. 

Patrick Dallas

Once the fun is over, Torin invites Shawndreca to Patrick’s housewarming party! Torin doesn’t think it’s weird for Shawndreca to attend her ex’s party, but the jury’s still out on this one. Torin wants Shawndreca’s support, but Shawndreca already knows it’s going to be a problem. Shawndreca agrees to support Torin and his work while Brian leaves the shop empty-handed. It’s the day of Patrick’s bake-off at Kandi’s and they get ready for the tasty competition. Kandi and Melvin are the judges, as Todd coins himself as the referee of the bakeoff. The OLG arrives and it’s showtime! Before any tasting begins, Patrick invites the OLG to his housewarming party as Melvin attempts to get a cake out of Aunt Bertha. Todd sets everything up as the competition begins with Aunt Nora’s coconut cake.

Kandi likes the taste of the cake but doesn’t like coconut (same). Mama Joyce made a pineapple angel food cake that Patrick really liked. Lastly, is Aunt Bertha’s pound cake, but Mama Joyce came away with the win! The next day, Kandi surprises the OLG by revealing Mama Joyce’s angel food cake will be added to OLG’s dessert menu. Shawndreca’s at a photoshoot for her sunglasses line and DonJuan is buying frozen mice for his pet snake. Across town, Brandon meets Dom’Unique at a pet store to chat about the upcoming party at Patrick’s. Dom’Unique wants to know if their attending the party together, but Brandon seems a bit hesitant about the idea. Brandon reluctantly agrees to arrive together, but Dom’Unique can sense his confusion and calls Brandon out on it. They agree to take a chance at Patrick’s party as Dom’Unique’s dog picks up some treats for the road. 

Brian Redmond

Later that night, Torin’s calling around to make sure everything’s in place for Patrick’s ‘standing’ housewarming party. Brian stops by Torin’s with Soul Rolls to enjoy and Torin tells Brian about the finishing touches for the party. After some brief flirting, Torin asks Brian to donate a few of his soul rolls to Patrick’s party. Brian wants compensation but Torin reveals he’s actually throwing Patrick’s party for free! Brian initially wanted to get paid but decided to help a friend out and use this opportunity to gain exposure for his business. Torin and Brian sit and chat over a glass of wine, and Torin dishes to Brian about Safari and her controlling ways. Torin’s a little intimidated by Safari and her beauty, but Brian feels the same way when he looks at himself in the morning, LOL. 

Finally, it’s the day of Patrick and Melvin’s housewarming party! Melvin’s cleaning up in the kitchen as Patrick checks in on Melvin and Safari’s waist trainer. Patrick takes the toilet paper out of the bathroom and writes “No #2’s” on the mirror, SMH. Torin arrives to decorate as Patrick gets his zen on. Torin’s surprised that Patrick doesn’t have any furniture, especially since Patrick put Safari in charge of décor. Melvin heads off to the barbershop as Torin and Patrick brainstorm about where the OLGs will sit. Torin begins to decorate with Patrick as producers shoot us over to Shawndreca’s. 

Patrick Dallas

Shawndreca reiterated to her fiancé, June, that the plan is to show their face at Patrick’s and then bounce. June is fine with that idea since he and Patrick exchanged words once upon a time. Shawndreca then checks in with Dom’Unique as she shops for a housewarming gift for Patrick. Shawndreca plans on pregaming at OLG and meets Brandon and Dom’Unique for a few drinks as Torin steals a few tables for the party. Shawndreca and June arrive at OLG and the pregame begins! Things are getting set up at Patrick’s and Safari does her walk-through to make sure everything meets her standards. Everything is set up as the OLGs arrive first and immediately notice the lack of furniture. Aunt Bertha ain’t with the standing social and looks like she already has one foot out the door, LOL. 

Mama Joyce makes Patrick put some toilet paper in the bathroom for the ladies and Kandi and Todd arrive for the festivities. The crew begins to enjoy Brian’s Soul Rolls and Todd thinks they may have a place on OLG’s menu. Shawndreca, Brandon, and Dom’Unique are still pregaming as Patrick’s guests begin complaining about standing. Safari seems to be annoyed at Patrick’s guests while Kandi and Todd reveal in their confessional to not really knowing Safari much. Safari seems nice but sis is lacking personality. Brian begins singing as Rashard and DonJuan arrive. Fifteen minutes later, Brian’s still singing, and everyone tries to keep their laughter inside. 

Patrick Dallas

Feeling real toasty, Shawndreca, Dom’Unique, Brandon and June arrive at Patrick’s. Dom’Unique goes in first to make sure the vibe is right. After greeting everyone, Dom’Unique lets Patrick and Safari know that Shawndreca’s outside, and Safari’s face turns up! “They can stay outside,” Safari says, and the room turns cold. Kandi comes to Shawndreca’s defense as Dom’Unique points out that Patrick originally invited everyone to the party. Patrick admits to not uninviting anyone, and Patrick seems to understand the miscommunication on his part. Kandi convinces Patrick to make things right with Shawndreca as June questions why Dom’Unique left them like that. 

Torin, Patrick, and Safari meet up with Shawndreca and June across the street, and everyone seems so awkward. Patrick explains where the miscommunication happened and apologized to Shawndreca and June for not disinviting them to his party. Shawndreca and June take it well as they immediately do an about-face and turn around to leave. Torin feels bad for Shawndreca, but Safari seems pleased with how everything played out. June’s a little mad at Dom’Unique for leaving them, but Shawndreca’s taking it all in stride. Safari’s mad at Torin for being extra and the OLGs are staring a hole into Brandon for being inappropriate with Dom’Unique, SMH. So much for pretending nothing’s happening, LOL. Be sure to come back next week to see what else unfolds on Kandi & The Gang! 

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