Bold & Beautiful: Steffy Wakes Up And Flips To Find Sheila Lurking In Her Room!

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During the April 13 episode of The Bold and The Beautiful, Taylor is hanging from the group as she shouts at Sheila to not drop her. While Taylor and Sheila are on the hospital roof, Thomas, Lia, and Ridge are worrying about Steffy. She was still unconscious in her room. Thomas decided to text his mother since he hadn’t heard from her in a while.

Steffy’s sister, Hope, was waiting for any movement by her bedside. She was worried but knew Steffy would overcome her situation. “It’s not your time Steffy. It’s not. I’ve learned a lot from you. So we can’t stop now. Back at the waiting area, the men discuss where Taylor could be and one of them says she is probably helping out Sheila despite her having a lot to deal with.

Luckily on the roof, Taylor claws her way back on the ledge with Sheila’s help. After a hug and a few tears about the possible tragedy they just escaped, Taylor says, “Thank you. You saved my life. You saved my life!” While Taylor keeps thanking Sheila, she responds, “Don’t thank me, I am so sorry, Taylor.” Sheila gasps, imagining in horror what would have happened if Taylor had died, too. Taylor also reminds Sheila that what happened to Steffy and Finn was not her fault.

Taylor asks them to go back inside and assures Sheila that they don’t have to tell anyone what happened. Hope leaves the room to return to the men in the waiting area. Ridge and Bridget go to Steffy’s room where he asks if she has anything. Bridget encourages him to speak to his daughter in an effort to wake her up. “We really need to wake her up,” she says. 

Ridge decides to pray to God since he doesn’t know what else to do. He says, “I can’t lose her. You’ve already taken my other daughter and I’m still not sure why you would do that.” Ridge concluded his prayer, saying he didn’t need to be there anymore but his daughter did. “Help her find a way back, please.” Just then, Steffy’s hand begins to move and she wakes up and says, “Thank you.”

Ridge explains to Steffy that she is at the hospital as she tries to speak. Bridget rushes to her side and sits down. Back in the corridor, Ridge rushes out to inform everyone of the good news. Everyone rushes to surround Steffy as they assure her they are taking care of the kids until she is back. Steffy tries to focus on her parents as she speaks, “Mom, Dad?” When she spots Thomas then Sheila at the back of the room, Steffy says, “No.” Taylor then asks, “What is it Steffy?” To which Steffy replies, “Shee….la.”

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