Ramona Singer Never ‘Blackballed’ Eboni K. Williams And Didn’t Demand Bravo Split ‘RHONY!’

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Eboni K. Williams alleged in a recent interview that she was blackballed by the cast of the Real Housewives of New York and that an ultimatum led to Bravo creating two different shows, one “Legacy” series and a rebooted original that will feature a more diverse cast. 

Eboni’s story is now being disputed, according to a new report by Radar Online.

Eboni K. Williams

The report alleges that Eboni’s allegations confused Ramona Singer because the OG ladies have no input regarding who Bravo chooses to cast on the show. Insiders report that Eboni was never “blackballed” and that the women supposedly never addressed the controversial cast member’s future on the series.  

“They can’t pull the diva card with the network,” one source told the outlet. “It’s up to production and the network.”

Another tipster noted that the ladies “just want a job” and “have to deal” if the network hires someone not to their liking. 

Ramona Singer

Ramona purportedly believed that she was on good terms with Eboni, as sources reported that the duo connected in person to “clear the air” and “move forward.”

Eboni claimed during a recent appearance on Carlos King’s podcast, “Reality with the King” that the network decided to split the series because her former co-stars would not come to the negotiating table to hash out a way to coexist on the show. She claimed that cast-mates, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, and Leah McSweeney refused to talk about appearing on Season 14 together, despite her own willingness to “negotiate.”

Eboni K. Williams

“I feel like this about it, I feel I was more than willing the whole season and after we aired and after we wrapped and after the decision to not have a reunion, I was always willing to negotiate with my former castmates about what an ensemble future could look like that included all of us, always right up until the very end. They were unwilling is all I can tell you. They were unwilling to come to the table and meet me even halfway in that negotiation,” Eboni told Carlos.

“And if you know anything about business, you know anything about the art of the deal, you can’t close that way. You can’t close when parties involved in the negotiation are unwilling to give, even an inch. So I think that more than anything is actually the reason, Carlos, that we are now getting these two shows,” she added.

Eboni K. Williams

Eboni also declared that the women weren’t willing to step out of their big city “bubble.”

“I think if there was a scenario, this is my opinion, as Tamra Judge would say, I haven’t heard this from anybody at the highest levels of executive office, but this is how I read it. If those same former castmates of mine had been willing to enter into the negotiation of coexisting and sharing space with myself and additional women outside of their particular New York world and bubble, you would have had a season 14 that was what everybody anticipated a proper integration of old school, new school because I do think and I actually agree, I don’t know that you would push back on the notion that it’s a good thing if you can preserve the nostalgia of a legendary franchise,” Eboni alleged.

Eboni K. Williams

The Bravo personality admitted that she felt “blackballed” by her castmates.

“They were unwilling to, yes. If you want to call it blackballed, I’m not going to you know dispute the semantics of that, Carlos,” Eboni responded. “What I am telling you plainly, only Sonja Morgan was willing to come to the table and negotiate a future that involved me as a part of this ensemble. Period dot. Period dot,” Eboni said.

Jill Zarin

Bravo announced last month that they planned to reboot the series after a disastrous Season 13. The network will launch an additional spinoff “Legacy” show that will feature several of the original cast members.

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