‘Kandi & The Gang’ RECAP: Brian Relapses And Brandon & Dom’Unique Get Caught Kissing At OLG!

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Welcome back to another helping of Kandi & The Gang! This week, the crew is putting in work and being entertained by their eccentric guests. It’s always fun and games at Old Lady Gang, as two “Detroit Grannies” decided to put their sauce on Kandi Burruss’s show. Two women dressed like old ladies came in to twerk honey, and Aunt Nora don’t know what to do! The grannies bust down, and all eyes are on them as Dom’Unique Variety wonders what’s happening. The chaos dies down as the women are ushered to their seats, and it’s back to business, as usual. Brian Redmond’s taking orders as Shawndreca Robinson does her hostess thing, and Torin Mitchell arrives. 

Torin speaks to Shawndreca and she’s pleasantly surprised that he’s wearing a pair of her glasses. Apparently, Shawndreca has her own sunglasses business and wants everyone to look rich at all times. After the pleasantries, Shawndreca directs Torin to the back for a quick chat. Completely abandoning her station, I have a feeling Shawndreca’s employment problems are just beginning. As a guest waits to be seated, Torin and Shawndreca pop a squat in the back of Torin’s car like they don’t have a care in the world, SMH. Shawndreca tells Torin about the conversation with Kandi and Todd Tucker and overexaggerates while taking zero ownership of the things she said. 

Kandi Buruss

Torin calls Shawndreca out on it, but she claims she only repeated what Patrick Dallas and Melvin Jones said. Shawndreca continues listing her suspects but admits to talking mess every day and can’t remember what she said. Torin warns Shawndreca about questioning her coworkers, but sis is determined to get herself fired! Patrick shows his new place off to Kandi as Melvin cooks in the kitchen. Kandi tells us in her confessional, that Patrick was actually named after her brother who passed away. Patrick reminds Kandi of her brother so much and Melvin is like a son to Kandi. 

Patrick gives Kandi a brief tour of his place before the two begin chatting about Safari and the potential housewarming. Patrick gives Kandi the rundown as to why Safari’s unsure about the party and Melvin admits to Shawndreca being the common denominator. Kandi admits that it’s strange for Shawndreca to be there, but in the same breath, Kandi lets Patrick know how she feels about Safari controlling him. Patrick doesn’t think he’s being controlled but instead is taking Safari’s feelings into consideration. Kandi wants Patrick to throw the party if he really wants to and Patrick agrees to throw his housewarming! Caution, drama ahead, LOL! 

Todd Tucker

Later on, Kandi, Todd, and DonJuan Clark are having a meeting when DonJuan decided to drop a bomb on the Tuckers. Phillip arrives just as DonJuan begins to divulge what happened when he viewed footage from the restaurant. DonJuan caught Brandon Black and Dom’Unique red-handed — kissing while on the clock, in the back of the restaurant! Kandi is shocked and Todd is fed up! Todd doesn’t think Brandon’s ready to be a GM, but Kandi had to remind Todd that they, too,  met while working. Before diving more into that issue, DonJuan reveals that Pebbles (another bartender) came to DonJuan due to being worried about Brian’s sobriety. Apparently, Pebbles saw that Brian had a box of wine in his bookbag, during a popup shop for Brian’s Soul Rolls. 

DonJuan plans to have a chat with Brian and before long, Todd begins his presentation for the Old Lady Gang. Once Todd finished his presentation, he let the OLG ladies know that he’s down to work in the kitchen! Finally! At OLG, DonJuan meets with Brian to check in on him. DonJuan views Brian as a little brother, and even though he wants to protect Brian, he still has to hold Brian accountable for his actions. DonJuan doesn’t beat around the bush and goes in as he reiterated the conversation with Pebbles. Brian admitted to drinking wine and DonJuan wants to know why. 

Brian Redmond

Brian admits to wanting to drink but DonJuan is confused. How could you be sober and drink wine? Brian explained that rehab and AA meetings didn’t work for him and that he’s a social drinker now. Brian also admits to drinking a small amount of hard liquor but claims to have it under control. Brian feels that he’s made progress, but DonJuan begins getting emotional as he explains to Brian how much he cares for him. DonJuan wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem, and I feel Brian’s deflecting. Brian tells DonJuan about his sister’s suicide and DonJuan tells Brian that he’s here for him. Back in the city, Safari is stopping by Patrick’s place to drop off a few items. 

Patrick is all smiles as he caters to his woman and compliments her decorating skills. Patrick informs Safari about the conversation he and Kandi had and revealed that there will be a housewarming after all. Sis isn’t happy but states she will support her man. At OLG, Rashard Roles is on hosting duty as Shawndreca compliments his style. Shawndreca begins questioning Rashard about the accusations and Rashard is clueless! He doesn’t know anything about that, girl! Shawndreca’s doing a little bit of process of elimination, and she doesn’t realize how much worse this can get! Shawndreca has eliminated most of her suspects but clearly can’t see that she’s the culprit of her own downfall. 

DonJuan Clark

Rashard goes to DonJuan to explain the issue Shawndreca’s having in hopes of putting her questions to rest. DonJuan says he’ll handle Shawndreca, and immediately, he pulls her outside. DonJuan readily admits to Shawndreca that he was the one who showed Kandi and Todd the tape of Shawndreca having an emotional outburst. Shawndreca admits to saying what she said, but sis seriously doesn’t think she did anything wrong. *slaps forehead* DonJuan reiterated that if she’s not going to lead the change, then she is a part of the problem. Now, look at her, looking stupid. 

It’s kitchen duty day and the OLG are dressed and ready to work! DonJuan passes out some hairnets and things are beginning to get interesting. As the ladies are getting ready, Aunt Bertha done slapped a producer’s hand for touching her,  LOL. They only needed her to turn around, but Aunt Bertha wasn’t having none of that! Kandi and Todd arrive, and Todd is ready to showcase his skills. DonJuan, Phillip, and Melvin give instructions during the pre-shift and places everyone in their own section for the day. Melvin sees that Todd doesn’t understand what it takes to work in the kitchen and is happy that Todd will get a crash course lesson! 

Mama Joyce

Everyone heads to the kitchen and, it’s all smiles in the beginning, as they set up their stations. Aunt Bertha begins eating before anything and the crew begins on food prep. The guests are arriving, and the real work begins! Todd’s running orders as Kandi peels sweet potatoes, and things are moving smoothly. As sweat beads begin to form, Todd finally can see how hard it is working in the kitchen! Since 88% of OLG’s food is fried, that means things can get backed up easily. Let’s hope Todd has the mental capacity to keep his cool. Before you know it, some food is being sent back to the kitchen. Apparently, some food is coming out cold and needs to be redone asap. 

Todd is frustrated as Aunt Bertha goes outside for a quick cigarette break and before they know it, their shift is over! Kandi takes some OLG wings to go and Todd has a newfound respect for the kitchen. Kandi and Mama Joyce visit Safari at her office and Mama Joyce is going to try a butt lift as Kandi gets to know Safari better. Kandi chats with Safari about respecting each other and Safari received the message. Back at OLG, DonJuan and Phillip have an important conversation with Brandon about his misbehavior on the job. Brandon is caught kissing Dom’Unique in the office and Brandon admits to the two being in a relationship. Phillip explains the conflict of interest and Brandon throws Dom’Unique under the bus by saying she can work at another location! 

DonJuan Clark

DonJuan immediately shuts that down and explains to Brandon that it would be him changing locations, not Dom’Unique. Phillip wants to hold Brandon accountable for his actions and it doesn’t seem like Brandon understands. Dom’Unique is finishing her dance practice as Brandon interrupts to chat. Brandon takes Dom’Unique outside and before the good feelings can last, Brandon drops the bombshell that he might be breaking up with her. Brandon revealed what Phillip and DonJuan knew but wants to continue dating Dom’Unique. Instead of dumping her, they decided to just lie about their relationship,  SMH. What could possibly go wrong? Find out next week, on a brand-new episode of Kandi & The Gang!

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