Audrey Roloff Blasted For Hawking Used Clothes Instead Of Donating To Charity!

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Little People, Big World personality, Audrey Roloff, was hit by fan backlash after the mom of three revealed that she was hawking her used clothing for top dollar, rather than donating the garments to people in need.  

The social media influencer shared a link to her personal Poshmark page, which lists more than 400 pieces of used clothing and accessories that Audrey hopes to unload. 

Audrey Roloff

Audrey’s Closet items range from between $5 for a pair of used sandals or sports bra to over $100 for a jacket or a one piece bathing suit. 

Reddit fans were not impressed by Audrey selling off her old clothes instead of donating them to charity. 

“Imagine not donating used clothing to a woman’s shelter or something when they already have so much ]money],” one user wrote. 

Another said—”Kinda surprising that Audrey doesn’t believe in charitable donations, especially when most of them were probably free anyways??” 

Another fan pointed out that Audrey’s marketing effort was “ironic coming from such a religious family.”

One person took issue with the specific hand-me-downs up for sale, writing—”So many sports bras… and one from college… people could buy the bra that she potentially met Jeremy [Roloff] in! That’s only going to increase in value!”

This isn’t the first time that Reddit users called out the LPBW mom. Last month, Audrey came under fire after allowing her young children to play in a hot tub. 

Audrey filmed Ember, 4, and Bode 2, as they splashed around in the water while playing near the tiled edge of the tub.

One user posted a screenshot of the video and reposted it on Reddit. 

Audrey Roloff

TLC viewers slammed the LPBW mom, accusing her of putting the children in danger. 

The original post read, “Young kids should not be in a hot tub!”

“Yeah I feel like this can’t be good for them? They’re dangerous for young children,” one fan agreed. 

Audrey Roloff

Another fan wrote—“I have to question what Audrey is thinking here. Hot tubs for children under five are not really recommended because little ones can’t regulate their temperatures. But then I sometimes sense these people won’t be happy being corrected.”

Fans also had lots to say after Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, posted a photo from a recent date night, rocking head-to-toe in denim. 

Audrey posted the photo on her Instagram Stories captioning the post— “Date night 11/52.”

Audrey Roloff

The post brought mixed reviews, with some fans praising the share and others mocking the couple, comparing their look to one worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards.

“Giving me Justin and Britney vibes!!” one viewer wrote, while another chimed in— “Canadian tuxedos are a bad look.”

A brand new season of Little People, Big World premieres on May 17 at 9 pm, ET, on TLC.

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