Angelina Pivarnick’s Husband Chris Larangeira Cheated On Her With Transgender Model Before Split!

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Jersey Shore’s Angelina’s husband, Chris, cheated on her before their split earlier this year.

According to The Sun, Chris filed for divorce from Angelina in January this year. Now, Chris’s alleged lover, Jazlyn Rose, claims in an interview with The Sun that she had a relationship with the reality star while he was still married. Rose, 23, said, “When I told him I was trans he said it was not a problem for him, and he had been with a trans woman a long time ago in New York when he was younger, like around 20.” Rose says they began talking in July 2021 through Instagram and soon moved to Snapchat where they started sexting. 

She claimed the Jersey Shore star reached out to her with compliments like telling her she was beautiful. Rose’s initial response to Chris was, “Thanks. I am transgender.” Chris, 42, replied, “I love that!” Jazlyn admitted that at first she didn’t know who Chris Larangeira was but as soon as she found out, he said their marriage was over. “I didn’t know he was still married. I would always ask him, ‘Why are you still with her? Like, why are you posting photos with her if you’re not married to her?’” Rose continued, “He would deny it to me, and he would lie to me like he would lie to her. It was just crazy.”

Around Halloween last year, they got into an argument after Jazlyn spotted him with Angelina. “He said he wasn’t with her, but then they were posting photos together — he lied and told me he had to be there with her for the opening of a club.” By December, the two were FaceTiming regularly, and after months of only communicating, they met up. Jazlyn and Chris met up in an Airbnb in Miami on March 11, where they enjoyed some time together. “So Chris and I went into a room and we had sex. He stayed over until around 11 am at checkout. He had to go get breakfast with his friends, and it was checkout for us there — and I went to a hotel.”

According to Jazlyn, the Jersey Shore star allegedly got aggressive with her and threatened her at one point. She said she is coming forward so that people know what happened between them. Rose has said she blocked Chris’s number but he called her through a private number to say some scary sh*t. 


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