‘Teen Mom’ Fans Say Leah’s Daughter Aleeah Was Not Impressed By Jaylen Mobley!

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During Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah, 29, confirmed she and Jaylan had become a couple. After a romantic trip to Costa Rica, she decided it was time for Mobley, 25, to meet her kids, Ali, Aleeah, and Addie. Leah praised her new man as she tried to contain her excitement about her kids meeting Mobley. 

Leah told her kids, “You guys can ask Jaylan any questions you guys have. He’s prepared.” While the Teen Mom star was excited, viewers couldn’t help but notice the children’s faces showed a different emotion. One Twitter user suggested Ali was not impressed by Jaylan. They captioned a still photo of her expression and wrote, “If I am not impressed with Jaylan was a face.”‘

Another fan wrote, “I wanna like this dude of Leah, but every week Jaylan seems more weird. Idk what it is. I can’t put my finger on it.” They added that the meeting seemed very uncomfortable for the kids. Somebody else said, “Leah’s story just seems fake and staged. You can see it on the kids’ faces and theirs, smh.”

Jaylen Mobley

During the cute meet up, the kids asked Jaylan a few questions. Addie asked, “If he becomes your boyfriend, can he drive me around to get my nails done?” When the date came to a close, Leah reassured her kids saying, “It was very important that I waited to introduce you guys because you guys are my life. So anyone that comes around you guys have to love you guys equally and be good to you.”

Leah Messer

Leah has faced backlash before for her parenting decisions when it comes to men she is dating. Recently, she came under fire from fans for allowing Jaylan to meet her kids too early, specifically one month into their romance. One fan said, “She trusts them too much actually and allows them around her children immediately.” 

She told ET in September that she was happy her kids got to meet Mobley and love him, too. ”Jaylan and the girls just recently met, and they connected so well that initially it scared me, but I want my girls to see who is making their mama smile.” From then, Leah’s beau was always seen having fun with the family. Jaylan was even posing for Christmas holiday photos in December. 

Leah Messer

reSo far, Leah and Jaylan’s relationship seems to be going great. The two are already talking about a possible future together and growing their family. Jaylan recently announced that he bought his second home with Leah, as they start their new journey together. 

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