Kandi & The Gang: Shawndreca Confronts ‘The Snitch!’

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This week on a brand-new episode of Kandi & The Gang, we’re back with the heated discussion between Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, and Shawndreca Robinson. Shawndreca’s been caught on tape talking mess about Kandi and Todd, and the owners of OLG want to know if Shawndreca wants to be there. Todd puts his two cents in and lets Shawndreca know they want to make sure she’s the same girl they hired in the beginning. Shawndreca looks like a h*e in church as she reveals how she wants to be there but doesn’t like the transitions or different management popping up. Shawndreca doesn’t think there’s much teamwork at OLG, and Kandi believes teambuilding will help her employees improve. 

Shawndreca goes back inside to work and leaves Kandi and Todd shaking their heads. Inside, the food is cooking and the grease is popping as Rashard Roles, Aunt Nora, and Mama Joyce regulate the restaurant. Mama Joyce is running into issues as she seats customers and wonders where Shawndreca is to help. Meanwhile, Shawndreca’s outside recording herself as she plays victim! Shawndreca thinks she was ambushed by Kandi and Todd and now sis is in her feelings! Across town, Dom’Unique Variety is heading to her boo Brandon Black’s house as he tidies up for his lady. The couple greets each other with all smiles as Dom’Unique’s dog takes over Brandon’s place. Dom’Unique checks in on how Brandon feels after his party and Brandon’s happy Dom’Unique made the effort to meet his people. The two seem all on board as their infatuation for each other grows. 

Dom’Unique tells Brandon that she doesn’t regret skipping the team meeting because sis got booked for a dancing job! The good news is Dom’Unique booked a good gig, the bad news is sis is going to London next month. Dom’Unique’s excited but the disappointment on Brandon’s face says it all! Brandon congratulates his lady, although Dom’Unique can’t tell Brandon whose she’s dancing for. Two weeks ago, Dom’Unique admitted to Kandi that she’ll be dancing for the boss himself, Mr. Rick Ross! The pair end their conversation and head out to get some food, as Dom’Unique discusses in her confessional how dance is her stress reliever.

At Brian Redmond’s apartment, he’s cooking up some goodies with his friend Georgia, as Brian contemplates his next move. During Brian’s two-week suspension, Brian’s been putting his foot in his Soul Rolls and even facilitating pop-up shops for his customers. Shawndreca pops up over at Brian’s and complains that Brian lives too close to the airport. Brian gets Shawndreca to help roll some food as Shawndreca dives into looking for ‘The Snitch.’ Shawndreca reiterates the meeting between Kandi and Todd and claims she almost walked out of OLG. Shawndreca thinks Patrick Dallas snitched on her, but we all know the cameras caught miss thang in the act! Shawndreca invites Brian to the teambuilding event, and although Brian’s suspended, he agrees to go. 

At OLG, Phillip facilitates as Kandi and Todd pop up real quick. Phillip oversees the day-to-day operations at all of Kandi’s restaurants and seems to know what he’s doing to create a calm atmosphere. Phillip, Todd, and Kandi sit for a quick chat and check on things within OLG. DonJuan walks in to join the trio and Phillip inquiries about the team meeting. Todd admits the meeting got a little spicy and DonJuan tells Phillip he doesn’t have a lot of fans. Kandi softens the blow by telling Phillip that the other team members want to be included in changes to OLG, but Phillip isn’t there to place nice. Phillip brings Brian into the conversation and Phillip reveals he doesn’t like Brian’s cattiness or snide comments. 

DonJuan admits Brian has always been defiant, but Kandi comes to Brian’s defense and states Brian has been OLG’s top bartender. Phillip bypasses all of Brian’s accomplishments and tells Kandi that Brian needs to be terminated! Kandi doesn’t like that Phillip’s so quick to pass judgment and thinks Brian just needs to be whipped back into shape. Before Phillip continues his rant, Kandi interrupts him to order some salmon bites, LOL. Phillip doesn’t like that Brian can pop off on him and still call himself employed. Kandi admits that Phillip’s attitude is “Get with the program” and is ready to cut people off. Todd appreciates Phillip’s approach, but Kandi is more forgiving than these men. 

Kandi’s compromise is to invite everyone to her teambuilding event in an attempt to bring everyone together to bond. However, Kandi is leaving the decision to terminate Brian up to Brandon instead of Phillip! Phillip thinks Brian is set in his ways and doesn’t believe Kandi knows how much work it takes to change someone’s way of thinking. Kandi checks in on how things have been between Phillip and Torin Mitchell after their brief disagreement. Phillip doesn’t think he and Torin are anywhere, especially since they haven’t spoken since last week. Everyone will see each other during the team-building event, and the competition is already on! Back at the restaurant, Shawndreca asks Brandon if he can watch the front for her, as Dom’Unique continues to share her good news with everyone. 

Shawndreca tells Brandon about the meeting with Kandi and Todd, and Brandon looks surprised, LOL. Producers remind us that DonJuan was in the office listening to Brandon and Shawndreca’s conversation. The entire conversation is on tape and all of upper management knows it but Shawndreca. Shawndreca leaves her post in Brandon’s hands to go ambush Patrick and Melvin Jones as they visit a local juice bar. Shawndreca comes out of OLG like a wrecking ball and screams Patrick’s name. Patrick isn’t at his usual spot, so Shawndreca has to track them down to state her peace. Shawndreca makes some small talk before going in for the kill! 

Patrick and Melvin look unimpressed as Shawndreca attempts to drill them for the answer she already made up in her head. The guys want to know why Shawndreca assumes it’s one of them, and Shawndreca can’t give a reasonable explanation. Melvin gets Shawndreca to admit that she’s assuming one of them told on her, and immediately dismisses the validity of Shawndreca’s point of view. The three employees don’t resolve anything as Shawndreca walks away cursing while Melvin calls her messy, LOL. Brandon and Dom’Unique are heading to breakfast together to discuss their future as a couple. Brandon feels they should be conscious about the way they move, especially around their coworkers. Dom’Unique doesn’t want to discuss her relationship with anyone and vows to lie to everyone about whose she’s seeing. 

Dom’Unique asks Brandon if he’d like to make a commitment, even though she has a lot going on. Brandon thinks they can manage it and labels their relationship exclusive. Aw, how sweet! Todd and Ace are playing together as Kandi gathers everyone around to sing “Happy Birthday” to Riley. After the candles are blown out, Todd checks in on everyone’s progress and reveals that one of the kids will take over the restaurant. No one looks excited to take over the family business, and Mama Joyce thinks the girls should start learning how to manage OLG. Mama Joyce thinks Todd should work in the kitchen for a day in order to see how hard the guys work. 

Of course, Todd doesn’t think that would solve anything and Mama Joyce is becoming more irritated with Todd by the day! Kandi thinks Todd likes to nitpick and wants him to understand what the kitchen deals with. It’s the day of the team building event, and Phillip’s inside setting up the activities. Brandon, Phillip, and DonJuan chat for a quick second before DonJuan tells Brandon about Kandi’s compromise concerning Brian. Brandon seems fine with Kandi’s decision and before long everyone shows up to get started! Before Brandon can blow up his and Dom’Unique’s relationship, Todd and Kandi arrive to begin. 

The OLG are the referees, the teams have been chosen, and the prize is $100 per person. Before the game begins, Kandi gives Brian a heads up on improving his relationship with Phillip, and Brian is all for it. Fake it till you make it, brother. The competition is on and everyone is going all in! The group is getting along throughout the activities, and Kandi may have been right about getting everyone back on track. Since teambuilding was so successful, Kandi and Todd gifted everyone with $100! The next day, Brandon and Phillip meet with Brian to uncover his decision regarding Brian’s employment at OLG.

Brandon revisits why Brian was suspended and explains that his reaction to authority was unwarranted. Brian takes up for himself, stating that the rules changed from the last time he was at OLG, and Brandon seems to understand. Brandon ultimately decides to keep Brian on and doesn’t fire him from OLG! Brandon introduces the write-up system and warns Brian that if he gets two more write-ups, he will be out of a job. Whew, that was close! Phillip and Brian apologize to each other and vow to start off fresh. Yasss! Look at these men being all mature and whatnot. Looks like the gang is off to a good start. Don’t forget to come back next week to see what else happens on Kandi & The Gang!


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