Ashlee Holmes Calls Out Teresa Giudice For Body Shaming Margaret Josephs!

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Teresa Giudice has been called out by the daughter of a former Bravo star for body-shaming Margaret Josephs during the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The episode featured the RHONJ cast participating in a charity softball game. Margaret Josephs rejected wearing pieces from Teresa’s sportswear line for the event amid their ongoing feud. Teresa later made a jab about Margaret’s “jiggly” butt, adding that her backside would’ve looked better in her garments.  

Many fans put Teresa on blast for the comments, including Ashlee Holmes, the daughter of Teresa’s former co-star and pal, Jacqueline Laurita. 

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of Ashlee’s shared post which read—“Body shaming someone while trying to sell workout apparel ain’t it …”

Viewers chimed in on Ashlee’s on-point post and many cosigned the former RHONJ personality. 

“I know 20 is adult age but the Gia butt grab and comparison was kind of cringe and sad for me,” one fan wrote. “Like damn Tre you are grown and hot enough to sell it yourself, your behavior toward the other women didn’t make them want to wear your stuff, I get it you’re irritated but your stupid is showing every time you do sht like that.”  

Teresa will not understand this,” another person remarked. 

“I would f****** love if they brought back Jaq and Ashley to go for tre and Gia just to take ‘em down a peg,” another viewer chimed in.

“Never thought I’d be cheering on Ashlee, but here we are,” a surprised fan noted.

Margaret Josephs

One user pointed out that Teresa’s attitude toward Margaret stemmed from her anger over being asked questions about her boyfriend.

Teresa is really at her worst in this whole thing,” the person wrote. “She has an army of fans who apologize for all of this s*** but it’s gross. Plain and simple. What she’s really mad about is people asking questions about what was a VERY PUBLIC story about her boyfriend. You are on a reality show, you’re dating someone who has had their private dating life go public… of course it’s fodder for the show.” 

Margaret addressed Teresa’s snarky comments during an appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show. 

“I was there for that charity event, I wasn’t gonna let anything she said at that second take away from what I was there for,” Margaret said. “It’s indicative of her character to attempt to make a charity event – insert herself into it – to say something rude at the charity event. It shows her level of maturity, trying to fat shame me.”

Cast member, Jackie Goldschneider, who recently opened up on the show about her years-long battle with anorexia, weighed in on the drama. 

“I thought it was awful ’cause I’m so sensitive to it now,” Jackie said on the after-show. “I just don’t like hearing a woman’s body be criticized cause it makes it harder for me to be okay with gaining weight. So part of that was personal, I didn’t like it at all.” 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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