‘Doubling Down with The Derricos’ Couple Sued Amid House Foreclosure!

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Doubling Down with the Derricos stars, Karen and Deon, are being sued for $15k after failing to pay for student loans

According to The Sun, Student Loan Solution, LLC has sued Deon and Karen Derrico for $15,000 on July 27, 2021. The case has not been settled and is still ongoing. 

This news comes after the couple’s home went into foreclosure. The Sun reported the bank had to take back the property after it didn’t sell during the September 1 auction. The Bank US National Trust Association bought the house at $441,842.06, which was the amount of unpaid debt on the home as of September 10, 2021. 

Deon Derrico

Deon, 51, bought his current house which is in foreclosure in 2015. However, it is not the only property the reality star owns. In 2018, Deon bought a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home for $277,247. In 2019, he bought a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in North Las Vegas for $107,709, according to Clark County property records. 

Deon had filed a petition for foreclosure mediation assistance. This process is done to provide a “remedy of last resort for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and loss of his/her home” through a mediation process with negotiations between the lender and owner. The mediator assigned to the two parties failed to reach a common ground. They were unable to agree on a loan agreement and the negotiations were terminated. 

In February 2021, Deon filed a complaint against the US Bank National Association. The house’s foreclosure sale was to be conducted on or about March 12, however that was an “improper” date for him. The father of 14 also filed a temporary restraining order to prohibit the foreclosure of the sale, but it was denied by the court. Deon had argued the 3,084 square foot house was his family’s primary residence. It sits on .16 acres of land.

The family also filed for bankruptcy close to five times in the past. In April 2015, Deon filed for bankruptcy because he owed $600,009.53. In March 2016, Karen filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, owing 1,009,691.33 to creditors. According to social media, Deon, Karen, and their 14 children are still living in the same house featured in their show, ahead of the auction. Karen revealed in a recent TLC episode that she was expecting baby No.15 soon. 


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