‘LAMH’ Star Miss Wanda Drags Melody Holt On Livestream!

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Love & Marriage: Huntsville star, Melody Holt, is at odds with her co-star, LaTisha Scott’s mother, Miss Wanda. Wanda, who doesn’t hold back on the show, had some choice words about Melody after she clashed with her daughter.

Destiny Payton-Williams told LaTisha that Melody was her enemy, leading Melody to question why Destiny would even discuss her with LaTisha. Melody’s conflict with LaTisha resulted in drama with Wanda, who took to social media to fire back. 

Destiny Payton

Wanda went live on Instagram last week to sound off about the situation.

She said—“The biggest part that I heard…Miss Melody Shari Holt…I’m coming at you, Miss Shari. My thing is, first of all, you need to learn what an enemy is. LaTisha is not one of them period.”

Miss Wandao

Wanda also advised bloggers to shift their attention to other cast members. 

Wanda noted—“Bloggers, y’all gon hate me today because I’m touching basis with all of you guys. Quit being favoritism, quit being favoritism and the show is about everyone on the show.”

Melody Holt

Wanda did not appreciate Melody claiming that the LAMH cast was using her for a storyline. 

“Girl, please bye!” she said. “You made an outside your storyline for days, and for years. Almost four or five years you made somebody else your storyline. So who wants you to be their storyline? Just be your own storyline. Get your own stories together. Okay? And make that a storyline because you made a storyline with somebody who didn’t even agree to you to do it.”

LaTisha Scott

She made it clear that she was angry that Melody had labeled her daughter an enemy. 

She said—“And to call my daughter your enemy. Girl, bye. Name one friend you got, Mel. Just name one friend that you have. First of all, you don’t know what an enemy is cause you got two biggest enemies that I’ve never heard you call your enemies. And that’s your ex-husband and the woman on the side. Your sister wife. Those are your enemies, sweetie.”

She also accused Melody of behaving flirtatiously every time Marsau Scott is in the mix. 

“Do you want Marsau or not girl? I want to know,” Wanda said. “Cause it seems like you got something in there for Marsau and you hate Tisha. It always be like that.”

She addressed Melody’s recollection of Destiny and LaTisha talking about her in Los Angeles.

“What makes me so mad at you Mel, you can remember all of that right there but it’s so funny you can’t remember whether a man did f*llatio on you,” she remarked.

She added—“You mentioned a storyline. Why don’t you bring your side piece on the show…Martell make that happen.”

Wanda repeated that the show should focus on other cast members.

“I want everybody to be seen, not just Mel. I want everybody to be seen,” she said.

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