Michael Darby Caught With ANOTHER Woman — Twitter Reacts!

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Michael Darby, the husband of Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby, was snapped in the company of another woman, and fans sounded off after the photo was posted on Twitter. 

Viewers took to the platform to react about the exposed photo—and many believe that Michael is simply setting up a storyline for the upcoming season. 

“God almighty not this storyline again…. We get it Michael Darby is a rolling stone can’t Ashley come up with something else??? Or we be done finally with the darbys???” one fan wrote. 

“You know if Ashley started her divorce and self growth story line as Porsha, she would be much better than sticking with this LONG OVERDUE drama,” another person tweeted. 

Michael Darby

“Not this storyline for the 100th time again. It’s time to get rid of the Darby’s,” a fan chimed in.

“Pic would come out when they’re filming again,” another pointed out.

One Twitter user kept it simple, asking—“Omg AGAIN?!!”

Other fans were not buying that Michael was caught in yet another compromising position. 

“Why are ppl in the comments falling for this….. there’s literally no suggestive context….” one fan said.

Another wrote—“This is hilarious. Their body language does not appear romantic in the slightest and that could be literally anyone sitting next to him. I hope whatever they’re being paid compensates for these kinds of hassles.”

Michael Darby

“Obviously nobody likes him and obviously he’s a cheating predatory creep – BUT this pic has no context so who is to say what he’s doing and whether Ashley should be there or not,” a third added. 

Michael Darby

Michael addressed a previous photo that surfaced last August, which featured the Bravo star’s husband chatting with a blonde woman at a bar. 

Michael served as a guest bartender while his wife appeared on Watch What Happens Live in August 2021, and host, Andy Cohen, brought up the emerged pics. Andy told Michael that “there were photos that surfaced this week of you at a bar speaking to a blonde woman, and everyone just assumed the worst.”

Deux Moi, an anonymous celebrity gossip Instagram account, shared the photo of Michael at a bar enjoying the company of a blonde woman.

Michael explained that he and Ashley had been venturing out on the town more often since Covid-19 restrictions had been lifted.

Ashley Darby

“Sometimes we go out together, sometimes we go out on our own. So I went out, had a good time,” Michael said, adding— “of course, there’s fans all over the place.” 

“But, you know, I’m always gonna have pictures taken of me in places,” Michael said. “I really don’t care anymore. I have a good time, and I love this woman dearly, and we’re together forever. So it’s as simple as that.”

Ashley responded “Yes, he does,” when Cohen asked her point-blank if Michael had her “full trust” whenever he’s out alone. 

Fans know that Michael has a pattern of engaging in inappropriate behavior. In 2020, the 62-year old Australian businessman was exposed after spending the night at a hotel with another woman shortly after the birth of the couple’s first child. Michael denied engaging in any sexual activity with the woman, claiming that the two had fallen asleep in the hotel room.

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