‘Kandi & The Gang’ RECAP: Kandi And Todd Call A Team Meeting To Save OLG!

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Welcome back to a scrumptious and tantalizing episode of Kandi & The Gang! This week, the OLG ladies complain during their confessionals as Brandon Black checks in on his boo, Dom’Unique Variety. Brian Redmond is busy cooking up some orders as Kandi Burruss-Tucker and Todd Tucker go over hearsay at the restaurant. The crew has been venting to Patrick about things needing to step up at the OLG. Kandi wants to facilitate a town hall meeting, that way everyone can air their grievances. Shawndreca is on hostess duties while Torin’s hanging around and Brandon overexaggerates how well of a job Shawndreca’s doing. Dom’Unique is behind the bar, complaining as usual, and before you know it,  Patrick and Safari walk in! The beautiful couple plops down right in front of Shawndreca and sis is clearly annoyed! 

Patrick spits some game to his boo as I’m still confused why homegirl thought the cornbread was vegan, SMH. Brandon walks over to greet Patrick and discuss Brandon’s upcoming birthday party. Torin meets Safari for the first time and Patrick has to deliver the bad news — that Safari’s actually taking over decorating Patrick’s apartment. Torin ain’t mad but swiftly brings up whether Safari’s going to throw Patrick and Melvin’s housewarming party. Pretty girl Safari doesn’t think the party is a good idea, and Patrick’s so whipped that he’s going along with it. The excuse is that Safari doesn’t want everyone to know where Patrick lives, but I think sis doesn’t want others ragging on her horrible décor taste. 

Torin shares with Shawndreca that he’s been scrapped from Patrick’s project, as Shawndreca and Brandon fill Dom’Unique in on Patrick’s flip-flop nature. Shawndreca’s still bothered by Patrick bringing Safari to the OLG, and Torin’s upset that Safari’s taking over a job she knows nothing about! Dom’Unique reveals that the issues between Patrick and Shawndreca are the reasons she’s hesitant to date Brandon. I understand sis, it’s hard keeping a work/relationship balance. Brandon wants Dom’Unique at his birthday dinner, but sis wants to take it extremely slow. Brandon even told his mama about Dom’Unique, and it seems like Brandon’s falling for this ghetto princess. 

The two sneak a quick kiss-off camera, and it seems like this love nest is beginning to heat up! It’s the day of the town hall meeting and as the restaurant is prepping to open, Kandi arrives to meet Todd. Neither are prepared for this come to Jesus moment, but Kandi’s dedicated to finding a solution for her employees. At Phillip’s place, he’s hanging out with his best friend, Andre, as Phillip fixes them a drink. Phillip begins to vent to Andre about the difficulties of managing Kandi’s crew and reveals how he’s already butted heads with people. Kandi decided that Phillip won’t be at the town hall meeting because she wants the crew to speak freely without the terminator being there, LOL. DonJuan’s prepping for the town hall meeting as everyone arrives. 

Kandi begins the meeting and encourages everyone to speak their peace. A server begins to complain about the trays, but before long, Don’Juan cuts him off! The crew has several issues that need to be addressed, but when the conversation of Phillip begins, Torin doesn’t hold back! Don’Juan takes issue with Torin’s disdain for Phillip and attempts to imitate Torin to highlight his frustration. Kandi then directs everyone’s attention to Shawndreca, as Kandi inquires about Shawndreca’s opinion of Phillip. When Shawndreca hesitates to speak, Patrick jumps in and throws his ex under the bus! Patrick reiterated Shawndreca’s complaints as sis looks embarrassed. Melvin steps in and explains that the food should taste the same, and Shawndreca continues to dig herself into a deeper hole. 

An employee wanted clarification on whose job it is to wipe down the menus, and Shawndreca’s attitude hits the ceiling! It’s Shawndreca’s job to wipe everything down, but it seems like Shawndreca’s beginning to slack. There’s a serious lack of respect and teamwork at OLG, and it seems like this crew needs an intervention! Kandi introduces an idea of a teambuilding experiment, and everyone begins debating whether Brandon works or not. Aunt Bertha remembers Brandon not speaking to her, and Brandon has to force a hug for Aunt Bertha’s forgiveness. Later that day, Patrick navigating the parking lot as Torin uses this time to speak with Patrick. Torin’s disappointed that he got fired from helping Patrick, and Patrick admits to being whipped! 

Patrick apologizes for the way everything went down, and Torin reveals to Patrick that Safari has too much control over him. After Torin leaves, Patrick proceeds to call Safari to convince her to let him have his housewarming party; and let’s just say it’s a strong no from Safari! Safari hangs up on Patrick and it’s back to business as usual. Patrick comes home and attempts small talk with Safari, before diving back into the housewarming conversation. Safari’s upset and doesn’t want the housewarming due to Shawndreca. Safari wants to go through the guest list with Patrick, and it’s nice that he’s doing everything to make her happy. Safari doesn’t want Torin or Shawndreca to come, and we know this is gonna be a problem. Safari has some control issues, and I don’t see this relationship lasting. 

At Brian’s apartment, Rashard visits to check on Brian during his suspension. Thank goodness Brian has his food business to keep him occupied, as Rashard helps Brian with the Soul Rolls. Brian tells Rashard that he wants to obtain a food truck for his business, and Rashard fills Brian in on the team meeting. Rashard tells Brian about the flirtation between Brandon and Dom’Unique before complimenting Brian on his Soul Rolls. Brandon invites Phillip to his birthday dinner and Phillip thinks the crew is finally warming up to him. Later that day, Kandi and Todd stop by OLG for a quick visit as DonJuan pulls them to the side. DonJuan shows Kandi and Todd the Ring video from inside the office, and it looks like Shawndreca has been caught bad-mouthing OLG once again. 

Kandi and Todd are upset as they listen to Shawndreca’s rant and it’s clearly time to let this troublemaker go! Brandon is throwing his birthday dinner at Blaze Steakhouse, and it looks like Kandi pulled out all the stops for his celebration. Brandon’s happy to have his family and friends together and Dom’Unique and Torin are on their way to the celebration. Patrick and controlling Safari show up at Brandon’s celebration, and all eyes are on Dom’Unique as she arrives with flowers in hand! Aw, they are so cute! Brandon throws Dom’Unique off guard by introducing her to his parents. The parents seem to like Dom’Unique and Torin begins questioning Patrick and Safari’s relationship. Torin doesn’t want Patrick to change completely, but it seems like Safari has rubbed some of her good energy on him. Patrick allows Torin and his lady to speak in private, and Torin wants to know if this housewarming is happening or not. 


Torin’s clearly confused but will allow Patrick to make his own decisions, with the help of Safari, of course. Dom’Unique continues chatting with Brandon’s parents, and it seems like they really enjoy Dom’Unique as a person. Back at the OLG, Kandi and Todd pull Shawndreca to the side to discuss her candid camera moment. Shawndreca looks scared as her job and reputation are put on the line, but sis holds it together long enough to apologize for her behavior. Shawndreca’s in shock and now wants to find out whose been talking about her. Kandi asks Shawndreca point-blank if she wants to be there, and then proceeded with previews for next week’s episode! Be sure to come back next week to see how things play out, on Kandi & The Gang!


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