Ximena Morales Snaps Photo With New Man Amid Rumored Split From Mike Berk!

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star, Ximena Morales, shared a photo snapped with a mystery man who many believe is her new boyfriend, amid her rumored breakup with Mike Berk. Fans have been watching Ximena’s romance and subsequent engagement to the New Yorker, but a very different story is unfolding in real-time. Ximena posted a cozy TikTok video featuring screenshots of video calls and photos of Josh Romero, whom fans believe is Ximena’s new beau. 

Some fans have been working to figure out the TLC couple’s status, which has been unclear since Ximena began making allegations against the volunteer firefighter. 

Ximena Morales

On March 8, Ximena told a very different story from Mike’s aired narrative about the couple’s first meeting, via a series of Instagram Stories. Her posts were written in Spanish, but a fan translated her version of events into English, in a post shared by 90dayfiancejunky. 

The translation stated that Ximena implied that she was working as a cam girl when she connected with Mike. 

“I don’t give a f— that people now know the truth of how we met. I met Mike on a webcam and I accepted the money but it disgusted me to see him naked,” she said, via the translation. 

She also alleged that Mike had “tried to hit me 2 times” during their time together.  

Mike Berk

Viewers naturally want to know if Mike, who was labeled “an asshole” in Ximena’s comments, is still with the mom of two. Aside from the obviously written clues, Ximena reportedly posted and deleted a TikTok video in February, which she supposedly made about her alleged new man. 

Ximena also had her “Mike” tattoo altered to seemingly erase the memory of the man she almost married. 

Ximena recently shared a photo of her hand rocking an engagement ring resting on top of a man’s hand. She captioned the shot—“Te amo mucho amor.” Many fans questioned the identity of the male hand in the photo. 

The latest curious Instagram photo reveals Ximena alongside the man featured in her viral TikTok video. The photo, posted by @truecrime_jankie, reveals Ximena sitting at a dining table with Romero and her two sons, Juan David and Harold Steven. 

Fans expressed concern for the children and one pointed out that Ximena never posted photos snapped with Mike. Some wondered if Ximena would be allowed back on the TLC series, considering she had likely violated her NDA with her social media posts.

Mike was recently spotted filming 90 Day Fiancé footage in New York alongside his friend, Nelcy. Fans immediately guessed that he had transitioned into the 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life zone, but other ’90 Day’ spinoff shows could also be in play.


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