Paedon Brown Admits He Was Ordered to Stay Silent About Meri Brown!

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Paedon Brown, the 23-year-old son of Sister Wives stars, Kody and Christine Brown, has seemingly been silenced when it comes to discussing Kody’s estranged first wife, Meri Brown. Paedon has been chatting with fans on TikTok and giving interviews in recent weeks, and during an appearance on the “Surviving Sister Wives” podcast, Paedon revealed that certain topics were off-limits. 

Paedon Brown

Paedon appeared to minimize chatter about his father and dodged answering questions about Meri Brown, after podcast hosts, Corey and Carly, noted Meri’s lonely predicament. Paedon quipped that there were “reasons for everything” but shut down any further discussion. He revealed when pressed that his mother had given him instructions to not talk about Meri. 

Paedon also avoided dishing info on topics that were reportedly “off-limits.” 

Paedon Brown

Fans, who have been pushing Meri to leave her loveless marriage for years, are now encouraging her to follow the example set by Paedon’s mother, Christine Brown, who left her marriage to Kody last year. Meri spends lots of time in Parowan, Utah, where she owns a local bed and breakfast, but Flagstaff remains her home base. Meri is currently apart from Kody and largely distanced from most of the Brown clan. 

Meri’s Instagram followers have suggested that she relocate multiple times, but the TLC star appears to be sticking it out with Kody, for now. 

Paedon Brown

Earlier this month, Paedon opened up about how it felt to be pushed aside by his father every time a new sibling was born.  

“He mainly tried to focus on the younger kids,” Paedon explained on podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey. “When there’s another one born. I don’t want to say — favorite is the wrong word — but ‘favorite’ is the best example I can give. With a new child, he needed to protect.” 

He continued—“He still loved us very much, but Logan being the eldest child, not the youngest, it kind of shifted; It’s not a problem. He really wanted to help the younger kids come into this world better. And when we were all growing up, we all got experience with him. We all got time with him, but the youngest kid just got a bit more.”

Meri Brown

Paedon added that none of the Brown kids want to live a polygamous lifestyle. 

“We are all super grateful for it,” Paedon explained. “We have brothers and sisters. My mom didn’t have any sons but me. I have brothers because of it. I’m so grateful for polygamy, but it’s not the life I want. I honestly don’t believe in it.”

Paedon Brown

Last month, Paedon fired a shot at his father and Kody’s top and only legal wife, Robyn Brown. 

Paedon took to TikTok to show off a new t-shirt imprinted with an on-point message. 

“I got this package in the mail,” Paedon said. “And it doesn’t matter the package isn’t super important but it’s kind of just like … funny? You know?”

Padeon Brown

The shirt read—“What. Does. The. Nanny. Do?”

Christine quipped the tongue-in-cheek question printed on the shirt during a filmed personal interview spot. The line referred to Robyn’s nanny, who was hired amid Kody’s restrictive Covid rules.


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