Meri Brown Accused Of Being DRUNK On Livestream Fan Chat!

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Meri Brown was accused of being boozed up on the latest episode of her Instagram series, “Friday With Friends.”

The Sister Wives star started the show by declaring, “Happy Friday! We are here to entertain you!”

“Ok, a song just came to my mind,” she continued, before breaking out in her rendition of “Let Me Entertain You.” She abruptly stopped singing, telling her followers, “Just kidding,” before her eyes drifted to something on her computer screen. 

Meri Brown

Fans reacted with concern to Meri’s preoccupied demeanor and lack of focus. 

“She seems off, she’s literally slurring her words,” one Reddit user noticed. 

“What in the world? If she is not tipsy, then what is she doing acting like that?” another viewer wrote. 

“Just look at those eyes. Somebody has been nipping at the boxed wine,” a third fan remarked. 

Meri Brown

This isn’t the first time that fans have accused Meri of being drunk online. 

Meri went live during a January business trip to California, leaving fans wondering if the TLC personality had been boozing ahead of the Livestream.   

Meri Brown, 51, was “having a party” with a friend at Downtown Disney during her weekly “Fridays With Friends” chat with her followers.

Meri invited fans along as she walked around the huge shopping center, but many followers wanted to know if she had been drinking before going live.  

Meri Brown

Meri’s latest rocky Instagram appearance comes amid rumors that she might be the next wife to walk away from her spiritual husband, Kody Brown. 

Meri has been living life apart from Kody but has yet to make an official break. Fans know that Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, announced that she had split from Kody in November. 

Sister Wives

Meri told her followers how much she loved alone time before taking off on a solo road trip earlier this year. 

“And the things I get to see are amazing too! The beauty of this country is truly magical! I’ve got something fun happening this week, can’t wait to share it with you!” Meri wrote.

Meri traveled to California to attend a LuLaRoe training event the week before and celebrated her 51st birthday without Kody or any of her sister wives. 

Meri Brown

Earlier this month, Meri posted a quote by Shonda Rimes that read—“I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.”

Meri posted the quote after she confessed that her relationship with the polygamous patriarch was currently “estranged.”

Meri Brown

“A few months ago, I used the word ‘estranged’ regarding my relationship, in a conversation with a friend,” Meri wrote on Instagram. “It was the first time I had vocalized it, and it felt…. honest. It was hard to use, and yet somewhat freeing. I know where my relationship is, I’m not oblivious to that. I will always look for the best in people and situations and hope they see it too.”

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