Love After Lockup: Tayler’s Sister Bobbie’s Arrest History!

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Love After Lockup star, Tayler, might have downplayed her twin sister, Bobbie’s, criminal history. 


Tayler lives with her three kids and twin sister who is also her roommate. The Love After Lockup star might have downplayed her sister’s criminal past to make her look good in front of the cameras. However, Bobbie seems to have been arrested several times since 2014. Tayler said about her sister, “My sister has gotten a little lost in her life. She’s been in prison for a gun charge and theft. Now I just try to keep her really close to me, but I’m worried that Chance and my sister might bump heads.”

Tayler is worried since Chance had planned to move into her house, though she is still living with Bobbie who has also been in trouble with the law for a few years now. In December 2019, Bobbie was officially declared missing for two weeks. The Missouri State police, family, and friends were worried about Bobbie when they didn’t hear from her between December 5 to December 20. Bobbie’s mother spoke about the incident on Facebook after her daughter was found. “Bobbie called her sister. I’m glad she’s OK .. She hung up on me when I tried to talk to her ..But at least she is OK.”

Before Bobbie went missing, she was in a lot of trouble with the law. In July  2016, she was convicted of misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor trespassing. In November 2017, Bobbie was found guilty of a felony charge after stealing a firearm/explosive weapon/ammonium nitrate. When Bobbie violated the terms of probation on the two convictions, she was sent to jail. She started serving her sentence in October 2018, but was released and went missing 14 months later. 

One fan of the show wrote on Twitter, “Bobbie was there first!” in regards to Tayler’s prison beau wanting to move in with her after he gets out of prison. Since Chance is a parolee, he will have to stay away from convicted felons. Chance even spoke to Tayler about moving in with her and her three kids. He said, “I just want our relationship to work, and I don’t want nothing to drag us down or hold us back or violate my parole because this is my life, too.”

Tayler has also not been very honest about Chance’s criminal history. The mother of three said her beau was in prison for flirting with a bank teller who ended up giving him money. Tayler forgot to mention to viewers that he had a gun during his robbery. Fans of the show are curious about what other information Tayler left out about her boyfriend and twin sister’s criminal past. Fans will just have to watch the new season of Love After Lockup to find out.


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