Jennifer Aydin Questions Husband Bill About Affair In ‘RHONJ’ Mid-Season Trailer!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey mid-season trailer dropped on Monday and features Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin addressing a past affair that threatened their marriage. 

The preview begins with the Jersey crew having fun together before the trailer takes a dramatic turn. Teresa Giudice’s daughters discuss moving from their childhood home and the memories they will leave behind. 

“Moving is going to be very sad,” Gia says before Milania adds, “I don’t want to leave this house.”

“The only memories that we’re going to have was here with dad,” Milania points out as Teresa dissolves into tears.

Teresa’s relationship with Luis (Louie) Ruelas continues to be a hot topic in the second part of the season. The clip features Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, putting Louie in the hot seat as he questions him about his past. 

“I’m not going to sit here and say that I was this crown of a man,” Louie admits.

Teresa confronts Margaret Josephs about regularly “dragging” Louie “through the mud.” 

“Like this one, he’s abusive,” Teresa comments. 

”I didn’t say he was abusive,” Margaret clarifies. “All the girlfriends said he was abusive.”

“I’ll tell you where she belongs: a zoo,” Margaret later declares. ”I’m f—— done… She f—– with the wrong girl.”

The preview also features Jennifer Aydin communicating with her husband about how she’s been affected by his past unfaithfulness. 

“You were doing your thing without any consideration of me,” Jennifer tells the plastic surgeon. 

Jennifer also discusses her marriage with Margaret, sharing that she believes that she puts more work into the relationship. 

“It’s always me trying for him,” Jennifer says, becoming emotional. “I don’t know if I can work through it.”

Margaret Josephs

Margaret confronted Jennifer about her husband’s affair during the season premiere episode. Jennifer confirmed that Bill had cheated with a pharmaceutical rep while she was pregnant. Jennifer confessed during a later episode that while she had moved on from the infidelity, she hadn’t fully worked through the fallout with her husband. 

“I’m at the point right now, Dolores, where I’m just numb,” she told co-star, Dolores Catania, during a recent episode. “I’ve dealt with this in the only way that I knew how which was if I decide to forgive him, then I’m going to move on and never talk about it again.”

Watch the midseason trailer below!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo. 

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