Below Deck’s Daisy Reveals Scathing Messages From Erica Rose’s Mom!

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht star, Daisy, has revealed to fans recently damning messages from Cindi Rose! 

Daisy Kelliher is not holding back when it comes to her feud between her and charter guests Erica Rose Sanders, Charles Sanders, and Erica’s mother, Cindi Rose. This comes after they announced their return to Below Deck for a second charter. Daisy told fans on Twitter that the show didn’t show how she really felt about them coming on. 

On a new episode of Daisy’s series on Instagram called the Pita Party, she revealed scathing messages from Cindi. The Below Deck star hosts the show with co-hosts, Alli Dore and Dani Soares. Daisy pulled out her tablet during the show to reveal the messages she got from Cindi. Daisy, 35, began, “All the crew worked hard, except for Captain Glenn and Daisy, who I think were there to create fake rocking ships and try to pretend he [and] she [were] yacht royalty were working. Daisy ordered people around, but I never saw her do any work.”

Daisy also read aloud Cindi’s message regarding Captain Glenn’s refusal to attend a “women’s empowerment” dinner. She read, “What would we talk about? That you were an older, confirmed bachelor who likes to be alone? It was rude of you to refuse our good manners. You are 50 something and should know manners by now. To ask people to pay over $25,000 per person and tell them it’s a luxury trip and show us activities and complain about us behind our backs is so immature and then expect tips that we generously did. At least we have manners.”

Daisy made it clear to Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans that it wasn’t Cindi’s, Erica’s, or Charles’ behavior onboard the yacht that made her blood boil. It was actually the “lies” and the “slander” that they spread through social media. “So when I saw this [Cindi’s message], it got my f***ing blood boiling. Because it’s lies, it’s slander. It’s insane. And I didn’t retaliate. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t do anything.”


The former chief stew went on to say that she hates people who use the media to spread lies about others. “They are everything that I hate about social media. I hate liars. I hate fabricators. I hate people who use social media as a platform to spread gossip. And they’re everything of what I think represents is awful in the world and awful about social media,” Daisy said. One fan responded to Daisy‘s comments with, “Omg it was all lies!! I hated Erica and her friends….Fakest, rudest bunch of losers.”


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