‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Andy Grills Jen About Her Fraud Case In Reunion Finale!

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion part 3 begins with a rewind to the end of part 2. As they go to break, Lisa Barlow approaches Meredith Marks once again, but Lisa talks on and on, excusing her behavior and says, “I’m beyond sorry.” Lisa says that she was upset because of a rumor that Meredith made fun of Lisa’s home renovation. Meredith, once again, walks away in disbelief that Lisa would go on a rant like that over a rumor, and a rumor as silly as home renovations.

As they all take a break, the men are toasting to season 2 being a wrap. It’s diet coke for Coach Sharrieff Shah Sr. and red solo cups for Justin Rose, Duy Tran, and John Barlow. Meredith calls Seth Marks, wishing he could have been there. He’s joining by video screen. Seth’s advice to Meredith, “Sometimes second chances, you are giving another person a bullet ‘cause they missed the first time.” It sounds like Seth knows where he stands on these ladies and likely Lisa in particular.

Duy Nguyen

The Salt Lake City men take the stage. 

Andy Cohen greets the men, and Duy makes a joke that “there have been no applications for sister wives.” Andy goes right in asking Whitney Rose how much of their savings she used to rebrand her business. Whitney explains that it cost quite a bit because she bought out her business partner. And Justin comes right in for the sweet moment saying, “Whitney’s the best investment I ever made.” Andy asks Seth about his obsession with Whitney’s cleavage. And Whitney thinks she shut down some of his obsession by bringing a titty cake to Seth’s birthday party. 

Andy asks Seth about Lisa’s rant about his family.

Seth breaks down over what their family went through in season 2. Seth says that, at times, he tried to make an ass out of himself “to distract from the heaviness.” When asked about what he thought about what Lisa said about Meredith having sex with half of New York, Seth says, “She didn’t mention the part where I had sex with the other half.” But the reality is that Seth hopes they can heal. Andy asks John what he thought about what Lisa said and did. John seemed visibly upset, also, that it happened. Lisa turns to Meredith again and says, “I’m so sorry.” Meredith says, “I know.”’

Coach Sharieff Shah, Sr.

Duy talks about still wanting more children.

Andy asks Duy about the daughter he and Jennie Nguyen lost. Duy sounds very clinical in discussing the tragedy, calling it family planning. Then he says that their children are awesome and kind, and asks, “Wouldn’t the world be better if there were more of that?” Andy asks how, as a medical professional, Duy could ask Jennie to risk her life to have another child after one child died and nine miscarriages? Jennie tears up over pain and hurt. Duy tears up that adoption and other options haven’t worked out. Then Duy talks about having a sister wife as producing “results” as a business mindset. A look around the room showed that his answers fell flat. Duy admits he is “getting help” to grieve the loss of his daughter.

Coach is in the hot seat?

Andy asks Coach about the minute he heard about Jen Shah’s arrest. Coach says that he was with one of his “assistants” and was having some “health issues.” Then the assistant called Jen from Coach’s phone, and then 25 minutes after calling Jen, Coach received a call from Homeland Security. Coach said he made his way home to find law enforcement at his house. Coach is backing Jen’s timeline. Coach says he has recurring rectal bleeding, and he was being checked out. Let’s all hope he’s being truthful in his account of what happened. 

Andy asks Coach about the ladies’ responses to Jen’s arrest. Footage is shown about their speculations about Jen, Jen’s behavior, and possibly Jen meeting up with another man. Coach said that was “unbelievably painful.” Andy asks a question about why Coach wasn’t getting the “Erika Jayne” treatment—not asking the source of the money and lifestyle. Andy asks Coach if she ever had the conversation with Jen questioning her innocence. Coach says, “no.” He’s supporting her. 

Jen jumps in to say that it was hurtful to hear Whitney say things about her businesses. Jen goes after Whitney to say, “We’ve never had a discussion about my businesses.” Whitney is probably grateful for that right now. Then Jen flips the table saying that Justin has been accused with “an FTC thing,” so Andy asks about the alleged pyramid scheme. Then Jen goes big saying this, “I don’t understand why it’s so groundbreaking that Jen, the brown girl, and her black husband, how to do they get all this money? Oh my gosh, it must be through something illegal.” Um… Stu Chainz? Coach was sad that Lisa didn’t show up to support his wife, but he cried that Heather Gay did. Coach talks about the psychological struggle of keeping his optimism and helping Jen. 

Lisa hugs Whitney and Heather?

Andy asks Lisa why she would go to the other couch and hug Whitney and Heather? Lisa says that she wants to work on things. Andy asks Heather why she came into the reunion so strongly against Lisa. And Heather says, “I thought she was going to come in contrite and horrified, and, um, with her hat in her hand. And then when she came in continuing to do her daily affirmations of how she’s a good person, how she’s perfect, how she does it right, how she was justified, it triggered me.” Heather says she still feels allegiance to Lisa and Meredith for recommending her for the show. 

Now it’s finally time to talk about Jen.

Jen is recounting the events the day of her arrest. She left the Beauty Lab parking lot, drove about 20 minutes, was stopped by police, they told her she was under arrest, and she appeared immediately before a judge. Andy asked Jen why she released the home security footage of what happened with her sons and others at her house when Homeland Security converged. Jen makes it about how the kids were treated when they were securing the scene. And asks if Stuart Smith’s kids were “put through the same.” Jen says she hasn’t talked to him. Jen deflects some questions about whether Stuart was her business partner, but she seems to talk in circles. She portrayed him as integral, but not integral, doing his own thing, yet working for her.

And asked about Stuart changing his plea. Jen’s reaction is that she cannot respond to it. Jen asks if anyone has spoken to Stuart. Heather said she reached out initially but never heard back. Lisa admits that, also. Jen was upset at how the women were talking about “where Jen got her money.” Jen made it about putting down “people of color” again. Andy shows audition footage of Jen talking about spending $50,000 on being so Shah-mazing. Andy asks Whitney how she knows so much about lead generating, fraud, and money laundering. Jen says that she doesn’t do lead generation. She does “data monetization—making money from data—a name and a phone number.” Then Jen, again, can’t comment. 

Jen’s upset that the ladies weren’t really supportive to her, particularly Lisa’s reaction in the van that day—calling her pile of lawyers. Then Andy tries to get to the bottom of the Uber-driver story. Was Jen having an affair? Is Jen red-flagged at Louis Vuitton. Meredith explains she hired a cybersecurity investigator because of disturbing texts she and Heather received and then hearing about “encrypted messages” in the indictment. Then Jen talks about racist texts she’s received. No one raised their hands to say they thought Jen was guilty. Jen has turned her trial into a cause for all of those who don’t have the ability to fight for themselves and are accused. 

What do you think about how this season ended?

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