‘Kandi & The Gang’ RECAP: Kandi’s Aunt And Cousin Nearly Come To Blows During Family Intervention!

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This week, on a brand-new episode of Kandi & The Gang, we begin with Aunt Bertha arriving at OLG as we meet 28-year-old Patrick Dallas. Patrick runs the parking lot for OLG, and this man is serious about his money. Melvin Jones is the kitchen manager and is also the cousin/godson of Kandi Burruss. Kandi thinks Todd is too hard on Melvin, but Todd thinks Melvin can handle it. Patrick and Melvin reminisced about their childhood and how they became employees at the OLG. Over breakfast, the men discuss Patrick’s relationship and Patrick outwardly admitted to being an ex “h*e.” 

That night, Dom‘Unique Variety is looking good as she meets Brandon Black for their first date. Brandon’s flossing a little bit as DomUnique lusts after Brandon. The two have small talk around Virgos and Patrick gives DomUnique the space to open up about her passion for dance. Brandon wants to date Dom‘Unique, but Dom‘Unique understands the repercussions of dating her manager. The two wrap up their date and Dom‘Unique curves Brandon from receiving a kiss! Sis says he gotta work for them lips, LOL. The next day, Torin Mitchell gets a visit from Shawndreca Robinson and Dom‘Unique. Dom’Unique is disappointed in the charcuterie plate Torin provided but he navigates the conversation to his promotion at OLG. Shawndreca wants Torin to get the feel on Phillip, but Torin isn’t worried since Phillip isn’t writing his checks. Dom‘Unique admitted to dating someone without disclosing Brandon’s identity. 

At The OLG, Aunt Nora and Mama Joyce are facilitating things before taking a break. Melvin visits Aunt Bertha and she lets Melvin know that she’ll always be there for him. Aunt Nora’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and before you know it, Kandi FaceTimes Melvin to check in on him. It seems that Kandi also wants Melvin’s help in mending the relationship between Mama Joyce and their cousin Kim. Kandi wants to conduct an intervention and producers finally uncover what Kim did to the OLG. Kim quit and asked other employees to come with her, and that doesn’t sit right with Mama Joyce. The next day, it’s Brian’s first day back and he’s welcomed with open arms. We get a brief recap of Brian’s time at OLG, and it seems everyone’s genuinely happy about his return. Brian meets Phillip and it’s apparent these two will not be besties anytime soon. Brian gets to work and we get to witness his charm in action. 

Brian admits to having had a drinking problem until he decided, with God, to turn his life around. Brian schools us on the phrase, “hold your mule,” and Shawndreca invites Brandon, Brian, and Phillip out for a drink; But Phillip doesn’t hesitate to decline Shawndreca’s olive branch. At Phillip’s house, we meet his boyfriend, Felipe, and the two have been together for one year. Phillip vents to Felipe about his disrespectful coworkers and Felipe manages to put a smile on this grinch’s face. Phillip’s determined to uncover the problems at The OLG because he hopes to open his own establishment one day. 

The “cool crew” meet up for drinks and everyone is ready to enjoy themselves. Brandon’s late and immediately receives the third degree from Shawndreca. Patrick shows up in the mix and instantly brings up his girlfriend. It’s revealed that Patrick and Shawndreca had a situation-ship, but apparently, things didn’t end well. Patrick boasts about his girlfriend’s accomplishments and someone eventually changes the subject to something more entertaining. Before long, the topic turns to Phillip and the table agrees on not appreciating Phillip’s work antics. Shawndreca’s the main one complaining, but Brian lightens the mood by promoting his business. 

It’s the day of Kandi’s intervention for Kim and the OLG. Kandi’s prepping with food and drinks as the participants arrive for the drama ahead. Kandi is being the perfect hostess as she breaks the ice and allows the ladies to express themselves once Mama Joyce and Aunt Nora arrive. Kim believed the family was close before the opening of OLG and Mama Joyce expresses her hurt toward Kim’s walking out. Mama Joyce starts cursing first, and Kandi swiftly separates the women before things take a turn. Kim denies the allegations from Mama Joyce and Aunt Nora got outta her seat! Aunt Nora wants Kim to tell the truth and before long everyone’s yelling and screaming. Everyone agreed to work on their relationship with each other. Kandi can’t invite Kim back to the restaurant just yet but will reconsider once things cool down.

At The OLG, Kandi checks in on the crew and chats with Patrick for a bit. Patrick spills the beans to Kandi about her employees’ frustrations, and Kandi’s taken aback by what she hears! Torin arrives and meets DonJuan downstairs at OLG. DonJuan has mixed feelings about Torin’s return but is willing to give him a chance as long as Torin works hard. Torin then meets Phillip for the first time and Phillip invites Torin down for a talk. Phillip proceeds to lay it out for Torin and makes it clear that he is a big dog at the OLG. Torin introduces himself to Phillip and immediately the two are off to a rough start. I’m not sure what Phillip’s problem is, but this man is rubbing everyone the wrong way! Come back next week to see how this all unfolds, on Kandi & The Gang!


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