‘Teen Mom’ Bristol Palin Shows Off Stunning New Floors In $773K Texas Home!

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Bristol Palin has been updating fans frequently on the ongoing renovations in her house. The mother of three recently got her floors changed, and she couldn’t wait to show fans the new look. On her Instagram Stories, she posted a few sections of the house so fans could see how it blends with the rest of the interior. Palin captioned one of the posts of her new floors with her plain white kitchen cabinets, “It’s so good! So many DMs on the flooring itself, I’ll get the correct color/product linked tonight!” 

Bristol, 30, also showed off her impressive rustic antler chandelier along with light wood floors. She captioned the post in the dining area, “I really love it!” In a third post, Bristol took a seat on the new floors as she enjoyed the sunset views that were visible out on her patio. Last year, Bristol showed off her new house to fans in a series of Instagram posts. One featured her beautiful entryway where Bristol Palin said she should have been a carpenter because of the good work she did. 

Bristol loves sharing with her followers whenever she does a DIY project around the house. She also posted a video where she did the “easiest DIY ever!” They did a fireplace refresh where Palin added a light wood paper above the mantle. Bristol completed the look by placing two white posters with text on top of the mantle to create a light and bright look that only took 10 minutes. 

Earlier this week, Bristol’s sister, Willow, also took a tour of the massive house. She shared a photo of herself in the house while taking a selfie. Willow, 28, was showing off her baby bump while she praised her sister’s house. She captioned it, “Also @bsmp2 has the best selfie mirror and house.” Willow also shared with her followers that she had less than a month to go until her baby arrives. Willow is currently expecting her third child with husband, Ricky. 

Since her time on Teen Mom, Bristol has mainly been focusing her time on renovation projects and her real estate career. The mother of three also bought another property in Lakeside Alaska. The cabin, which was being appraised for $45,000, was once owned by Bristol’s late grandmother. The property features two log cabins that sit on 1.6 acres of land near a lake.

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