Jenelle Evans Slammed For Body Shaming Her Husband’s Ex!

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Teen Mom fans bashed Jenelle Evans after she body-shamed the ex of her husband, David Eason. The former Teen Mom 2 star posted a mean online comment about Olivia Leedham’s breast augmentation surgery, despite previously slamming others for commenting on her own physique. 

Olivia shares a son with Jenelle’s husband. 

Olivia Leedham

The model posted a pic of herself in an orange bikini on Instagram on Tuesday, snapped while sitting on an outdoor wooden table. Olivia was leaning forward showing off her cleavage, and on one side of the image, she posted a small shell emoji, to cover up an apparent nip-slip. Olivia wrote “summer is on the way” on the photo which was tagged Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The MTV mom, who previously accused Olivia of using raised GoFundMe cash designated for a custody lawyer on a boob job, called out her husband’s ex after seeing the post. 

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle took to her Instagram Story to diss the model, and it wasn’t long before user, Kitty Jakers, shared Jenelle’s soon-to-be deleted comment.

“Gotta admit, your boobs look really bad after using people’s donation money for breast implants,” Jenelle, who has had her own breasts done, wrote.  

Reddit users put Jenelle on blast for dissing another woman’s body, especially after she had shut down others saying the same about her. Commenters called the mom of three “jealous,” “hypocritical” and “insecure.”

“[Jenelle] is body shaming people again (David’s ex of all people),” the person who kicked off the thread wrote. 

“I guess she deleted the IG story shortly after. She’s still bitter that Olivia made extra money on her GFM a couple summers ago,” another said.

Jenelle Evans

“Hmmmm — I thought Juhnelle was all about body positivity. I guess that doesn’t apply to [David’s] exes,” a Reddit user noted.

Jenelle’s life is chaos and she hates seeing people doing better than her,” a commenter pointed out.

“This is hilarious, she is so pathetic,” agreed another. 

Jenelle insisted that “everyone needs to stop being bullies” when it came to commenting on her body, in previous comments to The Sun. 

“No one should be pressured into a ‘certain weight,’” she said. ”I’m not trying to impress anyone, just striving to remain happy.”

Olivia dated Eason in 2013 and the exes share a son named Kaden. Olivia has sole physical and legal custody of the child.

Olivia Leedham

Last year, Jenelle tweeted then deleted a comment accusing Olivia of using money donated to fund a custody case on plastic surgery. 

“Instead of using that money for custody court you got yourself a boob job,” Jenelle wrote, at the time. 

“Wow, you played everyone on the Internet,” the Teen Mom 2 alum wrote. “Can’t wait to tell your son one day.”


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