‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Meredith Says She Was ‘Sick’ Hearing Lisa’s Hot Mic Rant In Reunion Part 2!

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion this week is part two of the three parts, hosted by Andy Cohen. 

In the previews, Andy asks who has received mean texts from Mary Cosby. He also teases some discussion of the story about Cameron and Mary’s church. And what the fans have been waiting for since it happened, Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow having a showdown about the expletive-filled rant Lisa had about Meredith. Will Andy ask Jen Shah the hard questions this week?

Jennie Nguyễn

Invitations, exclusions, and hurt feelings

Lisa defends not inviting Jen to her sons’ party saying the boys didn’t want Jen to be there. As Andy asks Jennie Nguyen why she didn’t defend Lisa at times, Meredith breaks in to force Lisa to admit that Meredith has had her back. Andy says Meredith is slowly building her case. Meredith says, “I am a lawyer.” Lisa goes on to attempt to defend how she says one thing to the group, then followed Mary to her room to say another thing to her face. Lisa says that what was shown wasn’t the entire conversation. Andy shades her by saying, “Seems like you have a lot of important discussions off-camera.”

Rather than Jen’s arrest on the way to Vail, the discussion is where was Meredith?

Andy tries to get back to the timeline of Meredith’s father’s memorial. Lisa still maintains that Meredith told her that she was “at her father’s memorial” on Tuesday morning when Meredith says that her father was buried in Aspen the day before, and by Tuesday she was already in Vail when Lisa called. Just for fun, Meredith says she was in a hotel bathtub. Maybe that was the pre-bath before the actual Vail house bath a few hours later. 

As they break for lunch, still without talking much at all about Jen’s indictment, Lisa approaches Meredith. Meredith walks away saying she doesn’t want to hear the excuses. Lisa goes to search for her husband. Lisa, still with her microphone on, is upset production kept rolling during her epic meltdown about Meredith.

With Mary absent, the discussion about Mary takes off.

Andy asks about Mary’s mean texts. Even Meredith received a mean text when Mary left the finale Vida party after Jennie threw the glass at her, and Meredith didn’t leave the party to check on her. The conversation turned to whether Mary’s church was a cult. Whitney Rose, Heather Gay, and Jen chime in with their evolving thoughts about it over time. Jennie asks Andy, why do they have to talk about Mary’s church… why is it so interesting to everyone? Good question, Jennie! Andy glosses over that to focus on Lisa’s friendship with Cameron. Lisa says that Cameron died of a brain tumor. She gets emotional talking about him.

Heather and Whitney think that Lisa brought Cameron to the event and introduced him to Meredith, for Meredith to take the stories and doubts back to Mary. Lisa keeps insisting Cameron was invited by the charity, saying he was on the charity board—a fact that seems to be in dispute. Then Meredith asks, “Did Cameron really give Mary $300,000?” And like any good attorney, Meredith knows the answer to that before she asked. As Lisa says she might have gotten the numbers wrong, Meredith claims that Lisa told her “off-camera” that it was less, possibly only ten percent of Lisa’s initial claim. Then Lisa pulls out printouts of texts with Cameron, and Whitney pulls out her phone to relay texts that Cameron sent to her “that Mary’s congregation believes she is God.” Whitney goes on to say that Cameron admitted to a relationship with Mary. 

Lisa Barlow

The kids are the focus for a few minutes, but it doesn’t last long.

After some cute footage of the children and young adults, soon enough, the attention is back on friends, frenemies, and enemies. After laying her case that she had Lisa’s back and Bravo showing clips of “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit B,” Meredith confronts Lisa about the huge, explicative-filled rage. Meredith says that Lisa and Mary were vicious with each other during the dinner that night, and Meredith wasn’t going to get in the middle of it. 

Meredith is hurt that Lisa didn’t call her back after finding out Meredith’s father was dying. Meredith wanted Lisa’s support at the Sabbat dinner, but Lisa made it all about Jen. Then Heather interjected that Lisa wasn’t there when her dad passed, although Lisa had texted Heather asking if her dad was better after he already passed away. Lisa said she didn’t know. 

Lisa and Meredith have a showdown on their friendship.

Then Andy “jumps ahead” to read word-for-word the rant Lisa had about Meredith. Meredith was shocked at the venom and hatred Lisa showed in that moment. Andy says, “It kind of seemed like some sort of a truth dump.” Lisa denied that. Lisa says she was in her room talking to herself (microphone on). Whitney interjects that Lisa was telling them about Meredith before filming even started and tells Meredith to call Sarajane Warner. Lisa apologizes. Jen says that Lisa apologizes, but not in a soft way. Lisa defends herself again. Heather thinks Lisa is sorry she got caught and believes Lisa has said horrible things about everyone on the couches. 

When Andy asks where their friendship stands, Lisa apologizes. Meredith only saw the episode containing the rant a day or two before taping, so she’s “processing.” Meredith says she’s devastated. 

Did Meredith and Jen date the same man?

Andy asks Meredith what she meant at the finale about exposing everyone. Meredith agrees with Andy that she is making threats. Andy asks about the rumor that Meredith and Jen dated the same man. Then the group deflects by saying they all hear rumors. And as they go to break, Lisa approaches Meredith once again, but Lisa talks on and on, excusing her behavior. Lisa says that she was upset because of a rumor that Meredith made fun of Lisa’s home renovation. Meredith, once again, walks away in disbelief that Lisa would go on a rant like that over a rumor, and a rumor as silly as home renovations.

There were no hard questions for Jen this week. Why was this a three-part reunion?

Next week is the conclusion with the inclusion of the husbands. Andy asks Seth Marks about what Lisa said about his marriage. Andy asks Coach Sharrieff Shah, Sr. about possible infidelity in his marriage. Then, finally, some discussion about Jen’s indictment and pending trial. The fact that Andy has spent two-thirds of the reunion discussion other things and not the actually-indicted Jen Shah, makes me feel a little bit sorry for the endless hours of Andy’s grilling the not-indicted Erika Girardi

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