RECAP: Heather Dubrow Shames ‘RHOC’ Cast At Dinner Party!

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Heather Dubrow

On a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we begin with Emily Simpson as she prepares for her daughters’ baptism. Heather Dubrow is teaching her daughter Max how to parallel park. Cars begin to blow their horn at Max’s bad driving as Shannon Storms Beador enjoy dinner with her kids and her boyfriend John. Over at Emily’s house she’s wrapping up the conversation with her daughter’s friend, as her husband Shane joins her to discuss the upcoming baptism. Emily’s emotional because her daughter is about to join The Morman church and wants to make sure her kids have every opportunity to ensure a good life.    

Emily becomes emotional as she speaks with Shane about their kids having everything they didn’t. Shane reassures Emily that their kids are blessed, and Emily begins discussing the trauma of her dad being MIA. Emily’s parents divorced when she was six, and her father disappeared out of their lives soon after. Emily expresses to Shane how she wishes her dad was more like him, and praises Shane on his abilities of being a great father and husband. Emily explains how she see’s her dad every so often, but that it makes her sad that she couldn’t experience him as a child. Shane listens intensely to Emily as she shares a very vulnerable part of herself, and it’s refreshing to witness. 

Shane cheers Emily up as he ensures Emily that he doesn’t need a “Stack of Vaginas” to be happy! Good one Shane LOL! Meanwhile, Heather is looking beautiful in blue as she makes her way into Malibu Bar to meet Shannon for drinks. As Shannon arrives, we see her taking hesitant steps as she makes her way over to Heather. Apparently, Shannon’s heels keep going into the crack of the boardwalk and is causing Shannon some serious discomfort! Shannon makes it safely to the table and shortly after Heather’s friend Tawnie arrives.

Last but not least is Dr. Jennifer Armstrong and she looks ready to have a fun girl’s night out. After everyone is seated, Heather Dubrow inquires about why Jennifer’s week has been hard, and Jennifer reveals that her relationship with Ryne is stressing her out! Jennifer reveals that Ryne refuses to talk to her and that Jennifer wants them to speak with a professional for guidance. In Jennifer’s confessional, she informs us that Ryne walked out after their argument and how his actions hurt and humiliated her. Jennifer feels distant from Ryne at the moment and feel it’s best to have these hard conversations while a mediator is there to assist. 

Jennifer explains to the ladies how she received an email notice that their mortgage hadn’t been paid and instead of getting a calm reaction from Ryne; he began blowing up at her, which causes her to react. Heather tells Jennifer to figure out what Ryne’s language is, as Shannon suggests that Jennifer write Ryne a letter regarding her feelings. Jennifer opens up about her attempt to explain her feelings using a basketball analogy and how much she needs her teammate to help her win the game. Heather opens up about Terry and the rough patch they went through. Heather suggests that Jennifer change the narrative in her marriage and create the partnership they both deserve! 

Heather realizes that Jennifer’s in a make-or-break state of mind and offers to be the mediator between Jennifer and Ryne. Not sure if this is a good idea, but let’s continue watching this trainwreck unfold! Later on, we catch up with Noella Bergener as she meets up with her friend Keni to chat and chill by the pool. After Noella pops the cork, the pair cheers as Keni ask how mediation went. Noella explains mediation with her soon-to-be-ex was insane, and that James wasn’t even there! However, James did Facetime in but Noella’s still sad at the circumstances. 

Keni asks if James wanted any of his expensive wine back and Noella reveals James didn’t ask for anything! Noella’s surprised that James didn’t ask or inquire about their shared assets; especially since Noella went into detail about EVERYTHING! What bothered Noella the most was the silence from James’s end. After six years of marriage, Noella (and the rest of us) would think James would have some sort of reaction during his divorce proceedings. Something’s not clean in the buttermilk with this situation *side eye*. Noella doesn’t need anything else from James to gain closure and Keni inspires Noella to be happy with what she already has. 

Meanwhile, Heather’s being dropped off at Gina Kirschenheiter’s as she cleans up the kitchen. Heather is helping Gina clean out her closet, and like the good friend Heather is she gifted Gina with two beautiful pink leather jackets. Heather’s proud of Gina for launching a business and wants to help Gina’s wardrobe reflect the glow up that Gina’s blossoming into. Gina gives Heather a tour of the house, and Heather is surprised that so many kids live in such a small place LOL. Gina reveals her prom dress and Heather makes Gina try it on for us all to see. As Heather review Gina’s clothes, Heather can see that Gina just needs a little help figuring out her unique style. 

Gina’s goofy self-climbs in a wall in the back of her closet and pulls out her wedding dress SMH. Heather asks whether Gina wanted her daughter to wear it and Gina becomes emotional as she explains keeping her wedding dress for her future granddaughter. In Gina’s confessional she admits it’s hard letting go of her wedding dress, because it would signify Gina letting go of the old life, she thought she would have. Aw, that sucks! Heather suggests that Gina give the dress to a woman who really needs it, and Gina agrees! What a nice way to turn it around ladies! 

It’s the day of Annabelle’s baptism and everyone looks beautiful as they arrive at the baptism reception at Shane’s parent’s house. The food looks delicious, and the champagne is on ice. Everything looks beautiful as Emily cheers with a few ladies before reminiscing with Shane about the baptism. Emily really enjoyed how everything turned out and is happy to witness such a beautiful moment between her husband and daughter. Emily thanks Shane for being such a great dad and man; and I can tell that Emily is truly grateful to have Shane as a husband and father to her kids. Shane helps Emily adjust her dress as Gina and Travis arrive.  Emily takes Gina to the side and thanks her for showing up before dropping the bomb that she spilled the beans to Shannon about Gina’s comment. 

Gina doesn’t seem upset at Emily’s word vomit and continues listening to Emily apologize for the slip-up. Emily reveals that Shannon thinks Gina talks about herself too much, and Gina’s rightfully upset at the misjudging of her character. Meanwhile Shannon is going out to dinner with John, and they look happy as they walk hand-in-hand. The two get settled in Shannon’s favorite booth as they order drinks. Shannon talks to John about her doctor’s visit the previous day and admits to being surprised by the outcome.  Shannon’s energy levels are off and now she knows that imbalance can affect her sex life, and Shannon wants to steer clear of those problems AT ALL COST! 

John reassures Shannon that her libido isn’t low, and Shannon laughs as the two order their entrée. Shannon tells John about last weeks dinner party and the comment Gina said about Shannon being jealous of her new friendship with Heather. John’s irritated at Gina’s comment and Shannon’s unsure of where this animosity is coming from. Shannon would’ve liked Gina to come speak to her directly and thinks Gina’s assumptions about her are coming from a place of ignorance! John believes Gina’s cruel for making Shannon feel like she has no friends and Shannon considers telling Gina how her comment hurt her feelings. 

Shannon wants to get to the bottom of these issues and plans to approach Gina for clarity. At Heather’s house she’s in the process prepping for the upcoming dinner party, as Terry helps facilitate the plans Heather’s put in motion. Heather enjoys throwing dinner parties and even compared it to throwing a stage play. I see you Heather girl! The table setting is beautiful, and Heather really knows how to create an ambiance. Ryne and Jennifer are on their way to the Dubrow’s, and Jennifer tells Ryne he doesn’t have to talk about anything deep. Jennifer seems tense but Ryne looks ready to decompress, let’s see how this goes. 

Jennifer admits that Ryne has no idea what he’s walking into, so it’s safe to say this dinner isn’t going to go well. As the pair get past security, Heather’s making sure everything’s in place as Terry needs help removing a tag from his shirt. Jennifer and Ryne arrive and immediately Ryne wonders why his dog couldn’t come. Ryne might love that dog more than Jennifer, just saying. Once inside,  Ryne reveals that he doesn’t drink, and Terry is very surprised. After inquiring about why Ryne doesn’t drink, Terry proceeded to ask whether Ryne does cocaine or heroin! Whew, they different in OC aint they?! Ryne denied having any vices and the group sit as they receive their drinks. 

Heather Dubrow takes Jennifer away to check on the food as Terry sits with Ryne to talk. Ryne admits to Terry that he likes to play sports and gamble. Terry is a bit more comfortable with Ryne now that he’s uncovered his vice, and the two begin discussing the household roles. Terry tells Ryne he can’t imagine being the guy who’s married to a doctor. Terry thinks Jennifer married the perfect guy, but Ryne doesn’t think Jennifer’s aware of that. Heather’s other guest arrive for dinner and soon everyone begins being seated to begin their meal. 

As everyone gets settled it seems that Jennifer is a little tipsy LOL. Heather can see Ryne begin to shut down as Jennifer begins making inappropriate comments. As the food is being served, it’s clear that Ryne and Jennifer are going ham on their champagne! Ryne throws the napkin on his chest in the most aggressive way, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Jennifer asks Ryne to calm down, but I think we all know nothing will help this situation. The guest begins to ask Jennifer and Ryne about their relationship, and Jennifer proceeds to take over as Ryne says nothing. Heather asks Ryne what his side of the story is, and Ryne looks like a deer in headlights. 

Heather asks Jennifer a few times to stop cutting Ryne off, and finally Jennifer allows Ryne to speak for himself. Unfortunately, Ryne decided to go with what Jennifer said and Heather immediately notices red flags.  Seems like someone is trying to keep their story straight. As the conversation at the table shifts, it’s very noticeable that Jennifer is drunk DRUNK! The guest is side eyeing her and Jennifer is making a fool out of herself. Ryne save her! Ryne looks extremely uncomfortable and leaves the table! Ryne is so embarrassed and is staying far away from Jennifer for the rest of the night! Jennifer and Ryne leave and Heather lets the table in on the issues that Jennifer is going through. Meanwhile in the car Ryne seems so annoyed as Jennifer falls asleep in his lap. Terry admits to the table that Jennifer and Ryne are a mess, and I couldn’t agree more. Be sure to come back next week to see what else happens on The Real Housewives of Orange County. 


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