‘1000-lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Angers Fans After TikTok Appearance Flops!

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Tammy Slaton Reveals Her Celebrity Crush!

Tammy Slaton landed in hot water with fans after a recent TikTok appearance fell flat.

The 1000-lb. Sisters  star remains in rehab in a battle against food addiction, but stays active on social media. The TLC star took to Instagram a few days ago to announce that she would appear on TikTok as a special guest for TwistPrinz, on Wednesday, leading fans to believe that she was offering a chance for live interaction. Some followers were seemingly excited at the possibility of interacting with the reality star, while others wondered why Tammy would hype going live alongside a label printing company, rather than doing the same thing on her own.

Tammy Slaton

Some confused fans even asked “Is this a scam?” 

Tammy Slaton did go live with the small business, but only for a few minutes. Fans had a hard time making out her words due to connectivity issues, and it wasn’t long before Tammy called it quits. Tammy’s flopped livestream did not go over well, and annoyed fans soon began sounding off. 

“What a waste of time no questions asked at all,” one supporter said.

“bye…not worth it,” another wrote. 

Tammy Slaton

“I only came for Tammy. Bye,” a follower chimed in. 

Some fans arrived late and asked about her promoted appearance. 

“She literally came on for two seconds and I missed it because of freezing,” one user replied, when others asked what had gone down. 

Tammy Slaton

Some of Tammy’s supporters were happy to have gotten a live glimpse at the reality star. 

“I seen her. looking glam,” one fan noted. 

“She’s looking good,” another wrote.

“Keep the good work keep losing weight,” a third fan encouraged. 

Tammy Slaton

Tammy sparked fan chatter earlier this week after she posted a TikTok video of herself dancing with a man nicknamed “Bigg Nate.”

The TLC star and a man named Nathaniel Oliver sparked romance rumors when they lip-synced and showed off their dance moves in the TikTok share. The reality star captioned the dance vid, “Duet with Nathaniel Oliver.” 

Fans flooded the post’s comment section, demanding to know if Tammy had snagged a boyfriend in rehab.

Tammy Slaton

Tammy swiftly shut down the gossip, insisting that the duo was just friends.

 “Y’all calm down he is just a friend dang,” the TLC star wrote in the comment section. 

Tammy came under recent fire after a Reddit thread accused the famous sibling of lying to fans. Chris Combs told viewers that Tammy had lost over 100 pounds during her ongoing stay at the facility, but some fans have been skeptical of the claim due to Tammy’s active presence on social media. 

The Reddit post featured a photo of Tammy Slaton with the caption, “For everyone who thought that heavily filtered TikTok last week was evidence of weight loss, enjoy this even-more-recent screenshot of TamTam. Look kids, she’s lying to you.”  


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