Jill Duggar Gets Majorly Dissed On Tori Roloff Page!

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Counting On star, Jill Duggar, got dissed by fans on Tori Roloff’s page. 

When Tori Roloff shared a cute post of her son, Jackson, on her page, she didn’t expect her comment section to become so hectic. Tori posted a photo of her son on his way to school in a cute cowboy outfit. Jackson, 4, was dressed up for spirit day and fans were enjoying every moment of it. Tori captioned him, “Can you stop growing?! First spirit day at school today! Can you guess the theme?! Baby j was so excited to walk into school with this get up on today! It’s so fun watching him get excited for things! Cowboy Bob, we’re putting this hat to good use!!”

In Tori’s comment section, Jill Duggar commented on Tori’s cute post. The Counting On star wrote, “Oh, my goodness!” three times on her friend’s post. Everyone in the comments agreed how cute Jackson looked in his outfit. However, one fan came after Jill for her comment on her friend’s post. ”Kissing ass!” the fan wrote. No other fan has responded to the nasty comment or defended Jill. Most are unsure what the fan meant with their comment since Jill and Tori have been close friends for a while now. 

The two women share a lot in common so it’s no surprise they got so close. In 2021, both Tori and Jill shared with fans that they went through a miscarriage. Both Jill and Tori are currently expecting their rainbow babies. Jill told fans in October she had lost her baby—who they planned on naming River Bliss. The reality stars both have two and are over the moon to be expecting more kids. At the end of 2022, fans should expect both Jill and Tori to be mothers to three children. 

Tori has two children, Jackson, 4, and Lilah Roloff, 2. Jill also has two babies, Samuel, 4, and Israel, 6. When Jill Duggar went on a summer trip with her family, she visited Tori and Zach Roloff. It is unclear if fans were angry at Jill for her comment or something else. Since the two always post on each other’s pages, their latest interaction wasn’t something new to fans. However, now that Jill is getting dissed on Tori’s comment section, it might strain the friendship a little.


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