Gwendlyn Brown Proposes To Her Girlfriend!

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Sister Wives star, Gwendlyn Brown. proposed to her girlfriend, Joyce Chappell, recently. 

Kody and Christine’s daughter recently proposed to her girlfriend in the comment section of an Instagram post and fans are losing it. Joyce posted several photos of her interaction with one of Gwenlyn’s sisters. She posted a photo of Truely giving her a Tarot card reading. Truely looked happy as she smiled with the cards in front of her. 

Gwendlyn’s sister, Ysabel, also replied in the comment section. She wrote, “woah you scared me with that last one. not very nice.” Joyce funnily responded saying, “I’m so sorry I tried to warn everyone.” Joyce has a lot of photos up on her page of Gwendelyn and her family. The two have never officially announced their relationship though they always post each other. Gwendlyn’s Instagram profile photo is of her and Joyce. 

In the Instagram post’s comment section, Gwendlyn proposed to her girlfriend. She wrote, “Marry me.” Joyce must have not taken the proposal seriously because of her response. She said, “this is not how you’re asking me.” Fans noted that Joyce didn’t say “no” to the proposal, so she is open to the idea. Maybe wedding bells are a possibility for the couple in the future.

Joyce also commented on another one of her girlfriend’s posts. Gwendlyn posted a beautiful photo of her and Chapell last year. She captioned it, “reposting Angela bc she looks really good in this. say she’s pretty.” One fan commented on the post saying, “You can see the beautiful smile in her eyes. You both look happy.” Joyce brought her sarcastic humor to the post, commenting, “damn your girlfriend is hot. Oh wait.”

Gwendlyn’s and Joyce’s relationship is a funny one since they always joke on Instagram. Despite being a famous TV personality, Gwendlyn doesn’t post a lot about her dating life — just enough to update her loyal followers. Gwendlyn is the tenth daughter of Kody and the fourth child of Christine. The former couple split up after Christine decided to leave the relationship.

Christine Brown spoke during a January 23 episode of Sister Wives. “I’m not OK with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy,” Christine said. “That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have.” Christine and Kody ended their marriage last November after announcing they had grown apart.


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