Paedon Brown Confirms Robyn Brown Is The Only Wife Kody Brown Loves!

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Sister Wives fans have been patiently waiting for Kody Brown’s kids to be old enough to speak for themselves—and it appears that Paedon Brown, the son of Kody and his third wife, Christine Brown, is going first. 

Fans know that Kody and Christine announced that they had ended their marriage in November 2021. 

Paedon spoke to Us Weekly about his father’s relationships with his other three wives and confirmed what fans have been saying for years. The 23-year old said that Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, 43, is his “soulmate” and the only wife that his father “truly loves.” Kody, 53, is legally married to Robyn and spiritually married to Meri, 51, and Janelle, 52. 

Kody was recently slammed for ignoring his three wives to isolate with Robyn and their five kids during the Covid pandemic. 

Paedon opened up about his personal connection with Robyn and her children in an interview with The Sun. 

Paedon said—”My relationship with Robyn has always been strange and weird. There are honestly so many reasons for that.”

He admitted that he was “rude” to Robyn’s children, which caused tension with his father.

“I was rude to her kids. I saw my dad doing things with them that he didn’t do with me,” he said. “And so, I ended up being rude to them. So she didn’t like me being rude to her kids.”

He shared that his current relationships with Robyn’s children are a mixed bag.

He said—“My relationships with Dayton and Aurora are now great. My relationship with Breanna is not good at all, but that’s because she is several years younger than me.”

Kody, who shares two biological children with his fourth wife, adopted Robyn’s children from her previous marriage—Dayton, 22, Aurora, 19, and Breanna, 16.

Paedon also described his relationships with some of his half-siblings, acknowledging that a “disconnect” sometimes exists.   

“I’m aware biologically. It’s different,” he acknowledged.

Paedon Brown

He continued: “I have disconnections with siblings all over the place. Garrison [Kody and Janelle’s son] is my best friend in the whole world.”

“I’m not super close with Savannah, who’s considerably younger than me,” he continued referring to Janelle and Kody’s youngest child. 

“For a thousand different reasons, I love Savannah. When we talk, we talk all the time.”

“We don’t message very much. Massive family. Tons of connections,” he said. “It has nothing to do with being another mom’s kid. She is my complete sister.”

Sister Wives

Kody and Christine’s son confessed that his relationship with his father is “not great” since the split. 

“I wish it was better. I don’t like putting up with the rules,” Paedon said, referring to Kody’s pandemic rules.

“It really got on my nerves that I wasn’t allowed to see my siblings because of Covid.”

“I love my family. I love my siblings. I do love my parents, but I don’t love all of the decisions that each of them have made,” he stated.


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