90 Day Fiancé’s Mike Berk Reacts To Ximena Saying She’s Not In Love With Him!

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90 Day Fiance’s Mike opens up about his pain watching  Ximena reject him during a recent episode. 

During an exclusive interview with ET, Mike spoke about how he felt about Sunday’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days episode. In the episode, when Mike asked Ximena if she loved him, she sadly replied that she doesn’t. The TLC star replied, “That really hurt when she said that. I mean, with that specific episode, it was definitely hard to watch that.” Mike added, “I kind of had friends tell me about it because I didn’t want to watch that one again — because I don’t want to relive it. In that specific time, that one, it seemed everything I did was like walking on eggshells or whatever.”

When Mike had returned to Colombia from New York the second time, he noticed Ximena was a lot colder. “Leading up to this current episode, looking back on it now, and seeing her just say, ‘I don’t love you,’ how cold she was,” he adds. “Looking back now, I kind of think she wouldn’t have batted an eye. That’s just my personal opinion. But, I really don’t know.” Ximena had revealed she wasn’t physically attracted to Mike. The Colombia native did say she cares for Mike because of his good heart and love for her kids. 

Mike also said he wondered if Ximena really loved him or only used him for financial reasons. “Because I can’t really judge her too well, but from what she was saying, looking back now onto that episode, I’m wondering in my head if she really ever did love me.” TLC viewers already know Mike has spent a lot of money on Ximena already. Mike, 35 has allegedly given Ximena $15,000 so far. Not only that, he has bought her expensive house appliances and also helps her pay rent. 

Mike Berk

However, Mike doesn’t feel like he wasted the money he spent on her. “But it’s not like I’m in debt or anything from it,” he clarifies. “A little bit’s on a card, but it’s mostly money that I had. So it’s not that I’m borrowing money for her.” Despite rumors going around that the couple has broken up, Mike is still hopeful. This comes after Ximena posted several photos without her ring on her Instagram. 

Ximena Morales

Mike added that he was still thinking of IVF as a way for the two to have more kids. Before he had gone to Colombia, Ximena had kept it a secret that she had undergone a procedure to prevent her from having more children. “We actually talked about it and then it was a really big shock when she lied. But I’m really hoping for her to come here and then there’s IVF. So everyone in the comments saying, ‘Oh, you don’t know about IVF, you don’t know.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I do know about IVF.’ [Her] tubes are burnt, but what the IVF is, as long as her uterus is intact, you could just do the egg, the sperm in a lab. And then they insert the fertilized egg into her uterus.”

Mike Berk

Mike also said during the interview that he wants to work it out with Ximena despite everything. Fans will just have to wait and see how their relationship plays out.

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