Meri Brown Hits The Road ‘Solo’ Amid Estrangement From Husband, Kody!

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Meri Brown is hitting the road as rumors continue to swirl about the uncertain future of Kody Brown and his three remaining wives. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram to share about her solo adventure with her followers. 

Meri Brown

“In the car again for a quick road trip! I sure do love solo road trips!” Meri captioned a selfie, on Sunday. “Time to think about life, time to listen to my favorite audio books, time to jam out to fun music, whatever I want! And the things I get to see are amazing too! The beauty of this country is truly magical!”

Meri, 51, hinted at a new business venture, writing that she had “something fun” in the works. The TLC personality promised to share more with her fans and followers in the near future. 

Meri Brown

Meri and Kody wed in 1990 and divorced in 2014, in order for Kody to adopt the children of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Kody and Meri, who remain in a spiritual but loveless marriage, share one 26-year-old daughter, Mariah. 

Kody spoke to Us Weekly about a year ago, telling the outlet that he and Meri “had been in a dark place” for a long time. 

“In plural marriage, I don’t feel like I’ve got the right to say, ‘This is over, this is ending,’” Kody said. “I have dominion over my own body and where I’m at but I’m not in a place where, like, I can say, ‘Hey, I’m divorcing you.’ I can’t do that. … If it’s not working for them, they can leave. Nobody’s going to be a prisoner here.”

Kody Brown

Fans of the show know that Kody also remains spiritually tied to his second wife, Janelle Brown. In November,  Kody and his third wife, Christine Brown, announced that they were breaking up after being together for more than 20 years. The split sent shock waves through the polygamous clan and caused Kody to reflect on his priorities. 

“He wants to be with women who can accept the fact that he’s most committed to Robyn and devoting his time to her,” a source told Us in January, noting that Kody is “not happy with the other wives threatening to leave.”

Christine Brown

A second source previously revealed that the other wives actually felt “inspired” after Christine, 49, walked away. 

Meri could not be any farther removed from the other wives and Kody,” the insider dished, in November 2021. 

Meri Brown

Kody confessed during the recently concluded season that he and Meri were “just friends.” Meri admitted that she missed sharing “emotional intimacy” with Kody, but the patriarch claimed that he didn’t feel “safe” sharing a physical relationship with his once legal wife. 

Sister Wives

“I’m not ever going to be in a conjugal relationship with her because I’m not going to go through that emotional torture ever again. …” Kody said. “I’m not trying to make Meri sound bad, it’s just a bad match. There’s a point where intimacy is just damage. It’s misleading to have intimacy in a relationship where there’s no real safety. I’m not going there.”


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