1000-Lb Best Friends’ Tina Arnold LEFT A Brutal Workout That Wasn’t Working Out For Her!

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A recent clip of 1000-lb Best Friends’ Tina Arnold storming out of a gym crying has left fans calling her a “cry baby.”

Tina joined the rest of her friends during a workout they decided to try out. During the Feb 25 episode of 1000-lb Best FriendsTina attended a “Barbarian Burn” workout with three other castmates, Ashley, Vannessa Cross, and Meghan Crumpler. In the clip, Tina gets teary-eyed after getting shouted at by one of the trainers. 

Arnold, who was visibly upset, stopped her workout and complained about the intense workout they were going through. “They’re coming at me, yelling, screaming. They’re gonna have to back off me or I’m gonna leave. I can’t handle yelling.” After that, Tina stormed to the gym’s bathroom while crying.

Meghan decided to follow Tina to make sure the group’s “mom” was doing alright. Meg tried to reach out through the closed door. “I understand what you’re going through, it was a lot for me. I think we’re all fighting something here.” Tina responded, “I’m having issues with the screaming and the yelling, I’m immediately thrown back to when I was younger.”

Eventually, Tina returned to finish the “Barbarian Burn” exercise, though she admitted the shouting brought up some unresolved childhood trauma. “There were a lot of loud aggressive men in my past and trauma there that hasn’t been settled,” Tina said. Ashley said she loves Tina for being able to overcome her struggles and finish the workout.   

Some TLC viewers, however, responded differently to Tina’s meltdown during their intense workout. One fan tweeted, “Tina stop being so soft honey!!! Motivate yourself to be free and work harder…the enemy is always in your ear saying it’s not right or you can’t do it…prove them wrong.” Another viewer said, “Tina just complains about everything.” “Baby girl u doing it and THAT’S what matters,” on fan exclaimed. And somebody else said, “Lmaoo Tina is a crybaby.”

1000-lb Best Friends focuses on the weight loss journey of best friends, Vanessa and Meghan. The two often exercise alongside their other friends, Tina and Ashley. Even though the four TLC stars motivate each other to lose weight, they also get into a lot of arguments. On the Feb 7 episode, Vanessa screamed at Meghan when her hula hoop got stuck. “It makes me so angry. I just want to shake her and say, ‘What is it going to take? I don’t want to bury you,'” she said.

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