‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Mary Is A No-Show And Jennie Defends Her ‘Blaccent!’

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion will be an explosive three-part show, hosted by Andy Cohen. You know he wouldn’t miss this messiness for anything! The show begins with a screen that reads, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion was taped prior to Jennie Nguyen’s social posts becoming public and her subsequent departure from the series; those posts are not addressed in the show.”

Lisa Barlow

As Andy goes room-to-room getting ready for Part One, he tells Jen Shah that there was a rumor ahead of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion that he gave Erika Girardi the list of questions ahead of time. He says that’s not true. Andy talks to Lisa Barlow, and she starts in right away excusing her gigantic, explicit-filled rant against Meredith Marks. Then Meredith tells Andy that she just watched the final few episodes very recently. Meredith calls Lisa’s rant “revolting.” As the women take the stage, they see the ice fishing pool and are warned not to storm off and step into it. Then they realize there is not a spot on the couches for Mary Cosby. Production asks Jen to remove her gloves because they are “a massive audio issue.”

Andy kicks off the show by greeting the women. He turns to Lisa and says, “Aren’t you glad we’re not in the Sprinter van?” He welcomes Jen and her crazy feathers. Then, he welcomes Jennie to her first reunion (and last). Her lip liner is distracting. Whitney Rose is wearing more clothing than most of this past season, but that hairstyle is not flattering. Andy asks Heather Gay if she finally has a real Louis Vuitton handbag, and she says yes. 

Andy Cohen

Mary is absent.

Andy announces that Mary would not be attending the reunion. Andy said that one reason was that Mary was upset about all the behind-her-back discussions about her church and that Whitney called her a predator. Heather said that she learned more about Mary by watching Mary’s confessionals. Heather thought that Mary was spot-on about Lisa. But when challenged by Lisa about Mary’s “insightful reads,” Heather didn’t know or remember Mary had called Whitney a whore. In general, the ladies seemed disappointed that Mary was not there to discuss things and support Meredith.

Jen is awaiting trial in New York for an alleged criminal conspiracy.

Andy reads some of the charges against Jen and the possible sentence she’s facing and then he asks her how she’s doing. Jen says it’s devastating but then talks about seeing “the Vail trip” along with the rest of the world. Jen says that if she would have known what was said in the van to Vail, she would have “definitely turned that bus over on the way to Zion.”

Jen is asked why she stayed on the show. She says she talked to her family, and Jen wanted to tell her story. Her lawyers didn’t want her to continue on the show. 

Jen Shah

Jen starts the season on an apology tour.

Jen feels she apologized much more than the other women. Then, the focus turns to how Jen doesn’t really mean it when she says things in the moment, but Lisa does. Then Heather goes after Lisa, saying that she’s seen all the mean texts that Lisa sent about her to Angie Harrington. Heather claims that Lisa tried to poison Angie’s relationships with the other housewives before Angie appeared on the show. 

Meredith apologizes directly to Jen for what she has done. Meredith says she just wants a peaceful space with Jen. Then Meredith breaks down over other things (shared with Lisa) that were going on last winter during filming. She alluded to fighting with her sister and other family problems in the midst of trying to bury her father during Covid. Meredith says that there were reasons why she was seriously overreacting. Meredith says that Jen treated her better than Lisa. Then Lisa was defensive, claiming she has to be perfect all the time.

Jennie is asked about being an immigrant and woman of color in Salt Lake City.

Jennie says that she fit in better in Long Beach, California because that city is more diverse. Lisa and Jennie have been friends for a long time. Andy seems shocked that Lisa would take her two-month-old son to Jennie’s husband, Duy Tran, for a chiropractic adjustment. Lisa says that Jennie is not her minion. But Heather says, “When you need her [Jennie], you’re there for her, and when you don’t need her, you dismiss her.” Meredith says that Lisa has some level of control over her friendships.

Jennie Nguyễn

Andy highlights Mary’s “racially insensitive remarks.”

Andy says that Mary’s words were “ignorant, intolerant, and hurtful,” but he did not say Mary’s a racist. The clips are shown of Mary’s ignorant mocking and name-calling. Jennie was hurt by Mary’s behavior. And Jennie was frustrated that Meredith didn’t defend Jennie more. Meredith does regret that she didn’t stand up more against Mary’s words and for Jennie, but Meredith says she’s not Mary’s keeper. 

Meredith goes on to say that she didn’t really know Jennie at all, but Jennie was saying things about her and to her and stirring the pot. Jennie stirred the pot with Jen, refused Mary’s “used gift,” and then Meredith claims that Jennie gave Seth Marks used golf balls for his birthday. Then Andy asks about Jennie’s “blackccent” and goes on to define it as “stereotypical depictions” of black people such as rolling her neck or wagging her finger when talking to Mary. When asked about throwing the glass at Mary during the finale, Jennie says she didn’t throw the glass at Mary, but she threw it at the floor. Andy says that in speaking to Mary ahead of the reunion, Mary said, “She didn’t think that black people were capable of being racist.” And Jennie says, “Everyone is capable of being racist.”

Lisa Barlow

Andy asks who is the pot-stirrer of the group?

Everyone but Jennie thinks Lisa is a pot-stirrer. Whitney says, right away, that Lisa is the pot-stirrer, but then she admits she “takes the baton.” Then the conversation turns to caterer-gate. Lisa pulls out the receipts. There is still disagreement on how the events transpired and whether Lisa pulled strings to get the caterers to cancel on Angie’s fund-raiser. Whitney and Heather are upset at texts sent from Lisa to Angie about them, going back to when Lisa called them “inbred polygamy cousins.” Heather and Whitney just want Lisa to be real and not “fake.” Heather says she likes Lisa more when she’s real and not a caricature of a teen magazine “cool mean girl.”

Jen is asked about Lisa bringing up on camera Jen’s falling out with her designer and that Whitney wasn’t Jen’s friend by sending skincare products to this man. Jen thinks Lisa was trying to cause friction in Jen’s friendship with Whitney. Lisa says she loves Jen Shah “regardless of how controversial that is.” And Jen goes off, saying, “Either love me or don’t love me. I’m tired of all of the disclaimers when it comes to Jen Shah.”

Meredith Marks

Next week, Andy asks who has received mean texts from Mary, the story about Cameron, and the expletive-filled rant Lisa had about Meredith. Is anyone wondering when the grilling of Jen will happen, like the grilling of Erika Girardi? Andy was relentless in four reunion episodes, questioning Erika. Sound off in the comments. What else would you like to see when parts 2 and 3 air?

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