Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Is Gary In A Love Triangle With Daisy?

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 is back and Captain Gary King is already involved in a love triangle. 

Captain Gary King

Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned this Monday, and the first night was packed with drama from the crew members. Like any other first night on the reality show, the crew had a party to celebrate and things got a bit out of hand when they began drinking. First, Captain Gary King found himself in a love triangle between steward Ashley Marti and deckhand Tom Pearson. 

During the first episode of season 3, Gary made things clear that he didn’t want to get involved in any mess. After the first outing, he told crew members he wouldn’t sleep with anyone during the show. Ashley got so drunk that she confessed to having a crush on Gary. She might have thought he was into her because earlier, he asked what type of guys she’s into. Though it was a question on behalf of Tom Pearson who had admitted he liked Ashley. 

Ashley had admitted to liking Tom, however, she prefers older men like Gary. This fact might have led her to try and kiss Gary while she was intoxicated. Even though he pushed her off him, Marti still managed to land a kiss. When she woke up the next morning, Ashley was so embarrassed she had to tell Gabriela Barragan, her fellow stew, what happened. She even joked that she doesn’t sleep with men on the first night. 

Tom didn’t have a great first night either; He got really drunk like most crew members. He got wasted and ended up throwing up in his bunker later. At the time, he was bunking with Captain Glenn Shepheard who let him know he didn’t clean up after himself the previous night. Hopefully, things will get better for Tom and he will get to talk to Ashley now that Gary rejected her. 

This is not Gary’s first time to be in a love triangle on the show. In fact, in season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Gary was in a triangle between Sydney Zaruba and Alli Dore. Things ended horribly for the women involved; After filming,  ended both relationships died off. It seems neither relationship could not maintain the spark they had off the yacht. However, there have been rumors that Gary has been dating Daisy Kelliher after they were spotted at Disneyland in California together. He was also spotted in the new season, making out with Daisy in the hot tub, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship will turn out.

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