Mary Cosby Reacts to Jennie Nguyen’s Glass Throw As Charges Are Dismissed Against Son!

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Mary Cosby took to Twitter over the weekend to react to her co-star, Jennie Nguyen, hurling a glass at her during the finale episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Jennie lashed out at Mary amid a discussion between Mary and Whitney Rose, after being triggered by her cast mate’s refusal to hash out their issues. 

Jennie Nguyen

Fans sounded off about the finale drama, with some expressing shock that no one defended Mary after Jennie threw the glass. 

“The fact that no one defended [Mary Cosby] after she got a glass thrown at her is sickening. I’m glad she’s away from these toxic women she deserves better,” a fan tweeted Mary, on Sunday. 

Mary responded to the viewer with a prayer emoji and a kissy face emoji. 

Another fan declared that she was skipping the upcoming reunion—giving a nod to Mary ditching her commitment to film the series.  

Jennie Nguyen

“So… I was going back and forth on watching the reunion. However, after seeing a glass thrown at Mary and no one saying a word… Yeah, y’all can keep the reunion. I think I’ll find something else to watch. I’ll just find the Meredith clips later,” the viewer wrote. 

“I love you! Thank you for seeing Truth! Much Love for your support all season!” Mary responded. 

Mary recently received good news when she learned that a criminal case against her son was dismissed. FOX 13 News confirmed that prosecutors dropped their case against Robert Cosby Jr. on Friday, due to problems with their witnesses. 

Mary appeared in court in October alongside her son, to address misdemeanor charges connected to an incident involving the teenager’s girlfriend. Mary and Robert were both hit by accusations alleging that they contributed to the delinquency of a minor, and provided shelter to a runaway. They both pleaded not guilty to the charges. The duo was facing a $1380 fine if found guilty. It was unclear if Robert was currently involved in a relationship with the minor, at the time.  

Robert’s lawyer, Clayton Simms, told the news outlet via a statement that the case involved Robert’s girlfriend visiting him at his home. 

Mary Cosby

Robert Cosby, Jr.’s criminal case was dismissed today. He only hopes that the dismissal of his case gets the amount of attention his getting charged received,” the statement explained. “Most innocent people are eventually worn down by the system and take the prosecutor’s offer. Robert’s willingness to fight the case and maintain his innocence in the face of tempting favorable plea bargain is admirable. An innocent person should always fight for the truth. He’s thankful that his criminal case was dismissed.”

“Dear Prosecutor and Police: Mr. Robert Cosby, Jr. will patiently wait for his apology letter,” the attorney added.

Mary Cosby

Mary still faces charges and is scheduled to appear in court for trial in May.

The three-part Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion series begins on Sunday, February 27, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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